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well, you tore it out . How bad is it ? Your best bet is to find a hard top. You dont seem like the type that should have a soft top......... Not sure about the factory top, but based on my experience with the Robbins replacement top, the plastic window can be removed and replaced separately from the top itself. Replacement windows are available from Moss motors ( among others. This may solve your problem if the outer zipper teeth (the ones on the main top section)are undamaged You must remove the top assembly, including the frame, from the car. You do not have to remove the top from the frame however, which simplifies things. Here's a summary. I recommend consulting a shop manual and/or the forums for details. 1. Remove the rear deck carpet. 2. Unbolt the spreader bars that run along the vertical section at the edges of the rear deck. They are clamping down a plastic strip called the "rain rail" 3. Carefully slide the rain rail off the studs that the nuts holding the spreader bars were threaded onto. It is somewhat fragile. If the top is more than a few years old, it will probably crack in a few places. 4. Release the front header clips on the top (the ones you fasten when you put the top up), but do not fold the top. 5. Remove the side trim panels that are just behind the seats. This is a multi step process that involves removing weather stripping, the rear brace bar (if fitted), and various fasteners and clips. Again, I recommend consulting a shop manual. 6. Remove the bolts on each side that hold the top frame to the car. 7. With the help of a friend, remove the entire top and frame assembly (unfolded) and set it on the ground. 8. You will now see that the window is a separate portion of the top. It is riveted to the rain rail (at the center), which is also riveted to the top (at the outer edges). It's only other attachment to the top is the zipper itself. 9. Drill out the rivets attaching the window to the rain rail. 10. If the rain rail is damaged in any way (which is almost a certainty), drill out the rivets attaching it to the main top also. 11. Fit the new window to the top using the zipper to attach it. 12. Now to the rain rail. Either: a. Replace it (approx $110, again from Moss), or b. Repair it using Pasco pipe wrap tape and latex caulk. The Pasco tape is like heavy duty electrical tape, but is 2" wide. It is waterproof, flexible, and you can essentially rebuild the entire rain rail with it. It is hard to find in stores but you can get it on the web. Get several rolls, it has a thousand uses. The latex caulk is available at any hardware store. You need it because the rain rail is polystyrene and nothing else will stick to it (including the tape; use the caulk to glue the tape to the rain rail). 13. Attach the rain rail to the top and new window using new pop rivets 14. Reinstall the top in the reverse order of removal. The spreader bars must be torqued in a sequence with some care. Info on this can be found on the forum.

2007-04-08 04:30:35
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Q: Can the zipper for the plastic window on a Mazda Miata be replaced without removing the top after it separated and then the closure was torn out in frustration?
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