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I lived with rash Allergies for several years. Not just little itchy spots, big welts covering my torso, legs & arms. Along with cutting out the 10-12 major allergy producing foods (shell fish, milk, excess citrus), I FOUND A Doctor Who FOUND MY THYROID LEVELS "LOW-NORMAL". BY STARTING THYROID MEDICATION, MY HIVES SUBSIDED CONSIDERABLY. EVEN IF YOUR THYROID IS CONSIDERED LOW-NORMAL OR HI-NORMAL, GET THE MEDICINE. INSIST THAT YOUR DOCTOR PRESCRIBE THE THYROID MEDICINE. IF THE RASH CONTINUES AFTER A MONTH, YOU'VE ONLY LOST THE $12 OR SO ON THE MEDICINE.

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Q: Can there be a specific pattern to food allergy caused skin rashes such as a bi-lateral rash on legs or hips?
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