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YES, technology has come a long way. They can find AND disable it.

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Q: Can they find a car with tracking technology?
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How do you find out if your car has a vehicle tracking system?

You can find out if your car has a vehicle tracking system by asking your car dealership. Or you could ask check the car manual or handbook. It should have information regarding the tracking system.

How can I learn about car tracking?

There are many new and innovative ways to track cars, including applications for phones, GPS online, and common tracking providers. Thanks to technology, personal car tracking is nearly outmoded but technology still makes it possible to incorporate the new resources for tracking if needed.

How do you find out if there is a tracking device in your car?

Look in the book that came with the car and it will usually tell if there was a tracking device installed

Can I track my car with a GPS tracking device with my cell-phone?

You can track your car with GPS tracking devices and use your phones internet data to help follow it. If you leave your phone in the car you can use the different ways to find it through GPS tracking.

What technology has been made to aid in forecasting and hurricane tracking?

Tracking devices.

Are there any vehicle tracking systems that have an iPhone app?

There are no vehicle tracking systems that have an iPhone app, but there are many other tracking systems with new technology which speeds car tracking and protects vehicles from theft and attacks MiX Telematics pioneered GSM based vehicle tracking technology in South Africa and has a number of different vehicle tracking products on offer - ranging from entry level products such as the mix 1 for pure stolen vehicle recovery to the sophisticated fact just about every product available in MiX Telematics' portfolio is equipped to offer tracking solutions of varying complexity to consumers and commercial customers. These are some of the latest technology car tracking devices that ensure vehicle security.

Where is the Chevy Avalanche 2005 plate number 13082N1 location?

If there is a tracking device in that car, and if you are the owner, you might be able to find this information out by contacting the dealership or the tracking device company (if it was officially installed in the car, like the OnStar system or something similar). If there is no tracking device in the car, and it was stolen, you might be able to contact the police and they can try to find it, but there is no way to electronically pinpoint it.

Do any car alarms include GPS tracking?

Most car alarms include GPS tracking.

Is it a good idea to buy a tracking system for my car?

Purchasing a tracking system for a car is a good idea if you have needs to determine the location of your car. If you have a fear of getting lost, or having your car stolen, then it is a good idea to purchase a tracking system for your car.

Are there any vehicle tracking systems I can put on my teenager's car?

You can buy a GPS tracking unit for their car. If you go to, they sell them for lesser prices than most places you find. Otherwise, your local RadioShack will have them for cheap.

Do all or most fleet GPS tracking systems connect to the vehicle's onboard computer?

I think most of the new tracking systems have this kind of technology. It can tell you how much fuel you using and various other things about your car as well.

Where online can I learn about god tracking devices?

You can learn about a good tracking devices on the following site: The technology is amazing.

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