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threaten?? No, not unless they actually intend to do it. can they have you arrested? NOT until they go thru legal proceedings and that is UNLIKELY and VERY RARE caller ID falsification? NO, its illegal too, its called 'spoofing"

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Q: Can they threaten to put a warrant out for your arrest and can they make your friends and families phone numbers show on caller ID when they call?
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Can a police threaten you with a warrant to help get vehicle repossessed?

I do repos for a living and the police cannot threaten you with a warrant, i myself cannot stand police and they are all scandalous in my book, the only thing they can do is show up with the repo agents to make sure there is no conflict, it is a civil matter and they cant get involved!

Is it illegal to verbally threaten your neighbor?

Since I don't know where you are from, I will tell you how it is in NC. If you verbally threaten your neighbor, if they choose to they can go and take a warrant out for Communicating Threats for up to two years at the Magistrate office. If the magistrate finds enough probable cause that it was a possible threat then a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

How can the law enter someones house and hold them there without a warrant of any kind search the house threaten them and have no probable cause?

You should discuss your specific incident with a local attorney.

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What is a PT warrant?

PT warrant is a warrant issued for production of an Accused. P.T. warrant means Prisoner's Transit Warrant.

Can cops threaten to press charges on you if you don't give them information on someone that has a warrant?

Yes, they certainly can, and it's not a threat! Have you ever heard of the charge of Obstructing Justice, or Harboring a Fugitive, or being an Accessory to a crime?

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What is a warrant in writing?

A warrant is your authority to do something. If you have a written warrant, your authority is in writing.

If extradition state doesn't transfer warrant does warrant get dropped?

No. The warrant remains in effect and that person is eligible for future arrests on that warrant.

Can you be arrested if you have a juvenile bench warrant and you are 18 years old?

yes, a warrant is a warrant.

When you are arrested on a warrant do they have to have the warrant with them?

No, they arresting officers do not have to have the warrant in their possession, only the knowledge that it exists.

To see if you have a warrant out for you?

I am asking to see if there is a warrant out for me?

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