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ya they can but three male cnappers with one females going to be a big problem but red eared sliders are piec ful they want attac each other

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Yes but make sure you have at least 3 gallons on water for every inch of turtle (tip shell to back of shell.

Yes. I have three red ears and a yellow belly mix that live together. They hardly know the difference and get along SWIMMINGLY.

Hi, I have two pet turtles (red-eared sliders). One is three years old and another is four years old. You can feed them pellets, dried shrimp, meat, and lettuce. My cousin used to own a huge turtle, and it grew very big because of the meat she fed him. If you have questions about caring for a pet turtle, just contact me or reply to this answer.

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John M. Barss has written: 'Diets of long-eared owls from three habitats in north-central Oregon' -- subject(s): Food, Owls, Long-eared owl

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Yes! All fish can, except the beta fish. I know this because i have three fish and two red eared slider turtles. I have a beta fish, a goldfish, and a black Moore goldfish. The two other fish, besides the beta, work really well with my red eared slider turtles.

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There's not enough space here to go into full details ! I suggest you check your local library for text books on the reptile (they are a common 'pet' so there are lots of publications). PLEASE research the species thoroughly BEFORE you get one - It's no good getting a RES then panicking because you have no clue how to care for one. Over the last 25 years I have rescued (and re-homed) around THREE HUNDRED Red Eared Sliders - simply because people didn't realise how much work is involved in caring for them !

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