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Can time be stopped?


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March 03, 2011 1:46PM

Yes it can. Einstein put forward a proposition that as the speed of a body approaches the speed of light, time will slow down. This was demonstrated during the Apollo space program when it was shown that astronauts in orbit (at a relatively high speed) were very slightly younger than people who had remained on Earth. As the speed approaches the speed of light, the effect becomes more pronounced.

So, to fully stop time, you need a space ship, a willing volunteer or two (to measure the time) and an infinite amount of energy to accelerate the spaceship to the speed of light. Einstein also proposed that the closer something gets to the speed of light, the more energy it takes to accelerate it further, hence the infinite amount of energy.

Before starting this experiment, make sure that the vehicle you intend to use has a lot of space in front of it. It will go a long, long way! Also, try to plan in advance how you will get back home after you have completed the experiment.

the experiment is not important. scientist think that time would stop in a black hole, but who would go to check