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Tow trucks are only available in The Lost And Damned

and unless you have a mod, they cannot tow cars, not even in a mission

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โˆ™ 2012-07-16 12:31:00
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Q: Can tow trucks be used in gta 4?
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Why do tow trucks not have 4 wheel drive?

Some do. But most have no need for it.

Does gta 4 monster trucks?

Nope. i think its only in san Andreas

Can you tow a suzzki and what years?

With modern tow trucks you can tow anything. -If it's a 4 WD and you don't want wheels to roll, they put a dolley under the back wheels.

Can you go in burger shot in gta 4 with a car?

Yep. limitations do apply, only smaller ones, no dump trucks.

Where can you find a garbage truck in gta 4?

There is a depot in the west of Algonquin where the garbage trucks are parked up. It can be found in Fishmarket South.

Is the toe truck in Grand Theft Auto 4 usable?

There does not seem to be any mechanism in play to use a tow truck in GTA IV. I have tried many times to hitch up to a trailer with a tow truck, but it doesn't work.

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There are no airplanes in GTA 4, only helicopters.

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i dont have gta 4 or gta5

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