Can trazondone come up positive on a toxicology report as cocaine or for an opiate?

No, Trazadone will not show up as cocaine on a drug screen. Trazadone is an anti-depressant (an OLD, OLD,OLD trycilic anti-depressant) that is popular today with doctors in treating sleep disorders. It has some abuse potential, however, most users find it to be unpleasant when taken in large quantities (they will just pass out). It is possible to overdose on Trazadone and large quantities SHOULD NEVER be prescribed to suicidal patients (weekly dosing is advisable). Wow...I am rambling on about the drug itself! Most doctors offices, employment drug screens, and probation drug screens only use a 5 panel drug screen, of which Trycilics aren't tested for. However, if a 12 panel drug screen is used will test positive for trycilics which with a prescription (I have never seen Trazadone for sale on the street...and I've been around the block over and over again) is no big deal.