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Yes, but prepare for a war. Some trees fight harder to live than others. We cut down our windbreakers because their roots spread out 3 acres and were forcing the sprinker system to raise out of the ground - so our underground sprinkers each looked like they were on a little hill. After they were cut down, they fought like a war to live. You would see little trees springing up for 2 acres where the roots were and just had to keep mowing them down. Eventually the roots died, but it was war in the meantime. Be vigilant in getting the little ones that come up, if even on of them lives, the roots live.

Many roots you don't need to worry about. If the stump doesn't send up sprouts, the roots will die on their own as there will be no leaves to feed them. This is true of most conifers and some broad-leaved trees. Those that do sprout vary in how strongly they will sprout and thus how hard it might be to finally get rid of the tree. Most tree stumps (and thus eventually the roots) can be killed simply by cutting out the light to them for one to two years, usually by tying some thick black plastic (such as a thick plastic bag) over them and flaring it out a few inches. If the sprouts poke through the plastic anyway, just use a thicker layer. This works for trees that send up sprouts only from the trunk. Some tree species also send up sprouts also from the roots, such as Plum trees, or the tree mentioned by the other answerer. These are harder to fight. Even having the stump ground out won't get rid of them. The easiest way then, is to paint undiluted roundup on the stump. (Read the label. Roundup is not effective when used in cold seasons) If you do this, don't let the roundup run into the soil, as you might well kill some plant you didn't want to kill that happened to have roots in that area. Some sprouts might well come up anyway from roots and when they do just treat them as you did the tree stump: cut them down and paint roundup on them.

If you don't want to use chemicals, you are stuck with religiously pulling the new shoots as they appear. Another way, however, is possible, which is to create an impenetrable barrier to the sprouts. A great way to do this is to spread out many overlapping layers of newspaper (at least 6 or more) on the bare ground and then cover this with mulch. Eventually the newpaper breaks down and becomes part of the soil, but by then the stump will mostly likely have given up. Also, as the previous answerer alluded, if they are in a lawn, you can just keep mowing them until they give up. The trick is to keep them from forming leaves so they can't feed the roots.

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Q: Can tree roots be killed after the tree is cut down?
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Do popular roots grow after tree is cut down?

Yes. Poplar roots will sprout after the main tree is cut down.

Do tree roots still grow after a tree has been cut down?


Will leylandii roots die when tree is cut down?


Do the roots of a oak tree keep growing after the tree is cut down?

Cutting a tree down dos not kill it. The roots are still alive and well and often put up shoots from the cut off trunk to replace the original trees canopy. Killing the root of a tree after it is cut down often entails digging the roots up or injecting the stump with herbicide or other poisons.

Why a tree turns brown when its roots are cut?

The roots provide the life source to the tree , so, cut the roots, kill the tree.

When you cut the tree down the roots will live on and continue to move?

probably not.

Will a pine tree grow new roots after being cut down?


When a pine tree is cut down will the roots still support a slope or small hillside?

When you cut the tree down the roots will live on and continue to support your slope. Slowly another tree will start to grow. However, if you kill the roots they will eventually rot out and your slope will lose it's support.

Do roots stop growing after the tree is cut down?

no they do not. They continue to grow and just below where the tree was cut off new growth appears. This is true unless the tree was poisoned or similar after being cut down

Will my tree die if i cut back the roots with the lawn?

It depends on how many you killed, but I would say probly

How do you remove an Indian Sissoo tree?

Even if you cut it down, the roots will still grow back. You'll have to excavate ALL of the roots and the tree itself to get rid of it.

Can the roots from a fruitless mulberry tree survive twenty years after the tree is cut down?

canthe roots of a fruitless mulberry break through foundations and damage pipes

Do the roots of a tree still grow when you cut off all the branches?

Yes, the roots are always growing...however, if you cut off the roots of a tree, the branches will not grow.

Convert into passive voice the cat killed the mouse?

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The man cut down the tree?

Yes, the man cut down the tree

Can a fig roots be killed after the tree is cut down?

Yes, if you shank it good. Its a shagging machine, it will kill YOU if you dont shank it in time!!HURRY...

What happens if you cut the roots of an oak tree?

If cut too close to the tree and all round the tree it will die.

What animals are killed trees get cut down?

animals need tree, it is there environment and when people cut down the trees, animals run into the streets and get hit by a car.

Why does a oak tree die after being cut?

cuz the roots is cut

How do you train a fig tree to a multi trunk stool type habit?

Cut the tree down to 6 inches and then multiple shoots will emerge from the roots

Do tree roots continue to grow after the tree has been cut down?

Tree rootsYes. Plants don't have brains, so death occurs differently for them. We cut a tree down and the plant will continue until the available food is used up, one of the reasons we can have cut flower arraingements. Some trees actually possess the ability to germinate new saplings once the main trunk is cut or dies.Not all trees regrow. Most conifers roots will die if cut down. Only trees with growth buds left on the stump will regrow.

What happens to soil during deforestation?

When trees are cut down, the soil is washed away by heavy rain as there are no tree roots to hold the soil down

If you cut down a tree what does it do to the soil?

if you cut a tree what does it do to the soil

Does a tree release co2 whenit is cut down?

No it has to be connected to its roots to go through photosynthesis thus producing CO2

How do you get rid of tree roots so you can plant a new one in the same spot?

First, don't plant a tree that's in the same family of trees. Whatever killed the previous tree could kill the next one. Even if you just cut down the tree, it's still not a good idea. If you're sure the old tree is completely dead, inject it with mushroom spores. That will speed up the process of decaying the old roots. I dunno maybe you could cut the tree, get a big spade and dig out the root. then you could burn it?