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Can turtles and dart frogs live together in the same habitat?

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This is EXTREMELY inadviseable. Dart frogs are toxic. While they are much less toxic in captivity, they still produce toxins. They are also extremely small. Turtles are omnivores, and may decide to try to take a bite. This would be fatal for the frog AND possibly for the turtle. Dart frogs are poor swimmers, and would drown in a water turtle's pool. Box turtles and other land turtles would definitely see the frogs as a potential meal.

In general, it's not a good idea to mix different herp species in one cage. If you are really set on doing so, it must be a HUGE enclosure, with hiding space and habitat for all of the inhabitants, and they must all have the same environmental requirements. Obviously, they should also all be around the same size, and not prone to prey on one another. Dart frogs and turtles--NOT a good mix.

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Where is the poison dart frogs habitat?


Do poison dart frogs swim?

No, poison dart frogs are poor swimmers and any water in their enclosure or habitat should be kept at 1cm or less.

What type of threats do poisonous dart frogs face?

Habitat destruction.

How do you protect poison dart frogs?

Provide them with a habitat in which they can live. The primary cause of extinction is destruction of habitat.

Why are poison dart frogs endangered?

They are endangered because this type of frogs habitat has been lost and medications were made frog these frogs

Why are blue poison dart frogs endangered?

they are endangered because of loss of habitat.

Are poison dart frogs endangered species?

yes their habitat is being destroyed

What is the blue dart frogs habitat like?

A blue frogs habitat os a tropical rain forest they are considerd terrestrisl but usally stay near water

What habitat do poison dart frogs live in?

They live in usually wet tropical climates.

Can different species of poison dart frogs live together?

no =]

Do poison dart frogs eat poison dart frogs?

No. Poison dart frogs eat insects.

Why are poison dart frogs and strawberry poison dart frogs the same?

They are the same because they are both poison dart frogs.

Are posion dart frogs anphbians?

Yes, Poison Dart Frogs are frogs which are amphibians.

Why do poison dart frogs not live together?

They would kill each other.

How do Poison Dart Frogs act with other Poison Dart Frogs?


How big are poison dart frogs?

Poison Dart Frogs are about the size of your thumbnail

Why do dart frogs act with other dart frogs?

they do because that socialize with there on kind

Are all of the dart frogs poisonous?

Yes all the Dart frogs are poisonous.

What is a poisonous dart frogs scientific name?

They are called poison dart frogs.

How many species of poison dart frogs are there?

There are over 175 different species of dart frogs.There are over 175 different species of dart frogs...

Where is Poison dart frogs habitat?

poison dart frogs live in the rain forests of centraland south America. they live in all kinds of rain forests in the world. They don't live in all of south America only part of it

When Do Poison Dart Frogs Mate?

Poison Dart frogs like to mate in the Spring!

How much venom do poison dart frogs have?

Well,poison dart frogs do not have venom. It is there slimy poisonous skin that gives it its name. If poison dart frogs are bred in captivity they do not have poisonous skin,is what I heard. Poison dart frogs are not the best pets. :)

What do blueberry dart frogs eat?

Blueberry poison dart frogs, like most frogs, eat small insects. Just like strawberry poison dart frogs, they get their name from their bright colors.

Do poison dart frogs have more than one cell?

Dart Frogs are multicellular organisms.