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Can two Leo's be compatible?



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With another Leo, it is a question of who is going to give up the spotlight. Two individuals born under Leo, when together, represent charm, entertainment and personality plus. But it could be too much of a good thing. To make the relationship succeed, each Leo must be willing to step back, to permit the other to show off special talents and abilities. The Leo man doesn't attract the usual, the mundane, and the ordinary. And to succeed in a relationship with Leo, you have to be somewhat eccentric, willing to forgo numerous conventions - and you have to dress well, appreciate good food and be heavy on the compliments. This man is romantic and somewhat egotistical. But much of the time he's worth an extra effort. No matter how exasperating he may be, he has a right to his ego because he is likely also to be proud of you. That's a key make him proud of you. Read, keep up with current events and maintain a sense of humor. He loves to see you laugh, as long as you are laughing with and not at him. The Leo man demands attention. He is fiery, romantic.

He can be an easy victim of the green- eyed monster, too. Very jealous, offended, aloof - if he feels you regard him as anything less than the center of your universe. It's not easy. It's quite a job, handling the Leo man!

The Leo man likes the theater but dislikes theatrics. The Leo male admires beauty but not the obvious kind; he prefers the subtle. He is repelled by women who use too much makeup by women who cry openly (it's much more effective to utilize a dramatic sob) by women who laugh too loud (better to squeeze his hand and smile in appreciation) and most important by women who steal the spotlight. He believes in equal rights for men and women, but expects you to accept the concept that he is just a little superior. He's affectionate and lovable-and he can be yours if you utilize loads of flattery and hat your eyelashes when he turns those magnetic eyes on you. If you are pursuing a Leo woman, compliment her tell her she's beautiful and she will be.

She has a flair for the dramatic. Let her have the spotlight: but also realize you will have to be unusual so don't tell all you know. Maintain an air of mystery. She loves to hear about herself, read her palm and check her horoscope. She demands that you be aware of her. A touch, a gesture, a secret signal something special - that's the way to woo and win the Leo lady. Your own manner should he regal. She wants to be with someone who is admired by others. In more intimate Moments, she admires tenderness, a caress; this is what she prefers to any heavy- handed overtures.

She is sexy but she wants you to want her for more than physical reasons. She values herself She doesn't give herself away. That is, you must court her; thoughtful gifts mean more to her than the expensive variety. Plainly, romance is part of her life. She is romantic and needs to be needed. She is likely to be attractive, and she expects to be jealous of you, but doesn't want to be reprimanded for her own flirtatiousness. Make yourself a fascinating challenge. Involvement with a Leo woman can be fatiguing, but you will learn about life and living and love. Her nature is fiery; she is passionate, giving and generous. If you win her, the prize will be a great one.

She is stubborn, but she is usually trying to work out what is best for you. Recognize her good qualities, which are numerous, in being amorous, avoid being coarse. Sex, for the Leo lady, is just one part of love. It is the rhythm of life but to be a part of her life you must first earn her admiration. She abhors the humdrum, routine, and stupid. She revels in the creative, in excitement, could be an addict of the theater and she will share the spotlight if she feels you really have something others would admire. She's unusual, complicated, and opinionated but she can be one of the most beautiful experiences in your life.