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No Two Dreams the Same
  • No.
  • What if they were conjoined twins joined at the brain? Or psychics?
  • The answer is no because even if two dreams have the same central theme, the person dreaming may not remember certain part of that dream, as most dreams and most details are forgotten upon awaking. All dreams are unique, even if it appears otherwise.


In spite of anecdotal reports of individuals experiencing "exactly" the same dream, there is no reliable evidence that such shared dreams occur, and at the present time, there is no scientific or rational method to confirm such dreams. Although two persons might describe similar dreams in great detail, dreams take place within the mind. Unlike Science Fiction, in reality there are no videos or scanners that can record the images seen within the mind, and so there is no way to know whether two people can dream the same dream.


Whether or not two people are twins, they can have dreams with the same theme, or with matching details. While it may be true that no two dreams are alike, they can be similar enough for us to take notice of an unusual occurrence.

AnswerThere are cases when two people's dreams are exactly the same. It is not unheard of. Especially if you have a bond with a person.
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Q: Can two people go to sleep and have the exact same dream?
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Of course she can sleep with her dad. It was just a bad dream and she wants some comfort. Sleeping with her dad would make her feel safe. There would be nothing wrong with letting her sleep in the same bed as her dad.

Can two people have the same dream while sleeping?

It is not likely that 2 people can have the same dream, each persons dreams are diffrent.

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What does it mean when two people sharing same sex dream?

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It could mean that you like him or he was thinking of you before he went to sleep.

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What does it mean when you dream about a dead uncle and a dead friend in the same dream?

It means you had a dream about a couple people you liked. It's just a dream.

People who dream are less depressed?

I'm going to say that's not true since everyone dreams even depressed people have dream that are happy and happy people can have sad dreams.A different response:People who do not dream become not only depressed, but slightly psychotic. But that should not be confused with people who do not remember their dreams, and it is not quite the same as saying people who dream are less depressed. Studies by sleep researchers have shown quite conclusively that when test subjects were allowed to sleep but woken whenever they began to dream became increasingly depressed and disturbed as days passed without any dreaming. As soon as the subjects were allowed normal sleep, their emotions quickly returned to normal. The conclusion is that dreaming is important for mental and emotional health.

What does it mean to wake up from a dream then go back to sleep and into the same dream to finish it?

This most often occurs when the dreamer has only partially woken up. The dream continues because the continuity of that particular sleep stage was not entirely interrupted. See link below for more information.

What does it mean when someone has the same exact dream as you?

It means that you only think that someone has had the exact same dream as yours. If you investigate further, you will find that the dreams are actually quite different, because each person's dreams are produced by their own subconscious mind. For example, while you both might have dreamt of black dogs, in one dream the black dog might have been sleeping peacefully, while in the other dream the black dog might have been dancing or racing or growling.> In spite of popular superstitions, there is no magical communication between two different individuals during sleep.

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For the same reason people talk when they sleep. DREAMING!

Can dreams become real?

Yes. some people say that it is God talking to you in your sleep, and others say that when its a good dream that you may have to follow it.______________________________________________________________________ lol onen ight me and my sis both had a dream about the same movie and it came true on tv REALLY!

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