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YES, you can have multiple insurance policies, from different companies or even from the same company. Each company has it's own rules of how much life insurance someone can get. You can get quotes from multiple companies and have life insurance policies issued simultaneously from different companies. You should work with an insurance agent that has access to multiple insurance companies and can advise you what requirements each company has, and the limits they are willing to issue for life insurance.

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What are some cheap auto insurance companies?

If one is looking for cheap auto insurance rates, one should shop around many different companies. Rates will depend on drivers' records, so different companies might be cheaper for different people.

Is swine flu vaccine free for people with health insurance?

That depends on your insurance. There are many different companies that have multiple levels of insurance. It is covered by many companies but may not be free as there may be a small deductible.

Where can one obtain insurance for multiple vehicles?

Most insurance companies will issue policies for people who own multiple vehicles. Contact a broker or agent who can provide quotes for different companies.

Where can one find travel insurance for people over their 70's?

One can find travel insurance for people in their seventies from many different companies. Some companies that offer travel insurance for the elderly include Travel Guard and John Hancock Travel.

Where can I get travel insurance for elderly people?

Travel insurance for elderly people is offered by multiple insurance companies most famously AARP offers good insurance for elderly also other insurance companies like sunlife.

Which companies offer insurance for young people?

There are tons of companies that offer insurance for younger people. An example would be a company called Johnson that offers home and auto insurance.

Why do some people not get the chance of life insurance?

If a client gets declined by an insurance company, they can still apply with different companies that specialize in high risk life insurance. An experienced agent can help.

What companies provide travel insurance for people over 75 years of age?

Some companies that provide travel insurance for people over 75 years old are Good to Go Insurance, Columbus Travel Insurance and Insure for All Insurance. You can also contact your travel agent or health insurance company for other travel insurance companies

What happens when a car hits you and they have the same insurance as you?

It would be no difference than if the people involved in the accident had different insurance companies. The coverages are the same so there would be no difference.

What kinds of jobs are available at insurance companies?

One of the jobs that are available at insurance companies is auto insurance which help people with accidents that result in totaling of a car. Another job available at insurance companies is business insurance which help with, well, just that!

How many people are employed by health insurance companies?

About 300,000 people are employed by the health insurance industry.

What are some of the best health insurance companies that can be found online?

Kasier is one of the best health insurance companies that can be found online. It will help with a lot of beneficial plans that can be affordable for anybody. The hospital treat many different people.

What companies sell car colission reports to consumers and insurance companies?

There is a company who supplies information to insurance companies called CLUE. This company gives insurance companies information on losses paid by all insurance companies and what type and amount of the claim was paid. CLUE also supplies companies with a variety of information. It gives information like people who had auto insurance at the same address as you have and people who were listed on insurance policies of you in the past like other household members or drivers.

What are some companies that provide group insurance to small businesses?

Group insurance is insurance which covers a group of people. Many companies offer this to small businesses but the best way to find good deals is to contact insurance companies personally.

Which companies sell insurance for people who live in apartments?

Most Property & Casualty insurance companies that write Homeowners Insurance will also sell Tenant Insurance policies. Simply call your local insurance agent to inquire.

Where do insurance companies get their sales leads?

Insurance companies get their sales leads from referrals as well as from websites that collect information from people searching for a quote in their area.

Which companies offer motor insurance to consumers in Edmonton?

All big insurance companies offer motor insurance in Edmonton. Edmonton is just one of many cities. People at the hotline of big insurance companies will be able to help everybody no matter where he lives or his company is.

Which insurance companies provide insurance for tourists in South Africa?

Hey! I have got this reference of http://www.nriol.com from many people. Here you have option to choose travel insurance from any company listed under different categories on the site.

Where can someone find the cheapest car insurance?

People can find the cheapest car insurance by contacting different companies for quotes. People can also utilize the Internet, especially the site entitled Esurance. Comparative sites are very helpful.

How many people work for health insurance companies in the US?

Millions of people work for health insurance companies across the US. These range from local representatives to high level management and CEOs.

Money Can Be Saved With A Home Auto Insurance Quote?

A home auto insurance quote is a good thing for people who want to save money. You don't have to spend a ton of money on insurance, whether you are insuring your home or your car. If you can combine insurance under one umbrella, things will be much cheaper for you. Many of the insurance companies out there are more than willing to provide people with good deals if they have both insured under one policy. You can compare different companies, too, by getting a home auto insurance quote from a bunch of different insurance providers all at one time.

Where can a person find ratings for life insurance companies?

You find good ratings for life insurance companies in discussion zones where members of the companies write their opinion. In the internet there are also sites, where the people can make a direct rating for the companies.

Do hospitals overcharge people with insurance in order to receive the most money possible from insurance companies?

That's what the Insurance Companies say when they have a rate increase. Try this link for a more authoritative answer http://www.chcf.org/

What are insurance agencies for?

Insurance agencies are for people looking to buy insurance whether it be home, car or life insurance. Some companies deal with multiple companies and offer many contracts and others may deal exclusively with one company. I would always check with the BBB before looking into any insurance companies.

Where could one obtain cheap car insurance in the UK for young people?

Since they are the most reckless drivers young people always face the highest insurance rates. LCLS is an aggregator that offers rates from different companies. You should also check with an independent insurance broker.

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