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Medication can but not fruit

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If someone uses condom can he stop pregnancy?

Most of the time he can stop pregnency, but very rarely the woman will get pregnent even when the man has a condom on.

Is there a medication to stop the body from overheating?


How do you stop a dog from Prednisone?

Prednisone is a medication. Do you mean how do you wean a dog off the medication?

Can you stop depression?

Antidepressant medication usually can.

What is antipruritic?

Medication to stop or control itching

When taking phentermine what allergy medication to stop drainage can be taken?

When takine phentermine what allergy medication can be taken that does not cause an interaction. I want to stop the drainage.

What is the best way to stop acne from face any food medication or something?

The best way to stop acne from appearing on your face is with a prescription medication. Your doctor will have to prescribe you the medication, which is available in both cream and pill form. There is not food that you can use on acne to stop it.

What a medication on the shelf has a stop check NDC number means?

It's a high risk medication

Why do you add lemon juice to a fruit salad?

to stop the fruit from browning

How do you stop a fever?

You can't really stop a fever, but you can take medication, and get plenty of rest.

Can medication stop hair growth?


Medication administered to prevent or stop vomiting?


Can you die if stop taking thyroid medication?


How do you make your mom stop coughing?

By giving her medication

What if a bleeding feces stop in medication?

It will not go away

When do I need to stop taking pain medication so it doesn't appear positive in a urine drug test?

If the medication has been prescribed by a physician then you do not need to stop taking it. See the physician and get a letter saying the medication is being prescribed.

How can brown fruit stop occurring when it is cut?

cover the fruit in lemon juice

How do you stop an unexpected period flow?

You can't stop your period just like that. You will need medication.

How can you stop a fruit tree from producing fruit?

Pulling all of the flowers off will prevent the fruit tree from producing.

Should you stop taking thyroid medication if you are planning to get pregnant?

You shouldn't stop taking them. It would be bad. You can still get pregnant on the medication. In my family hypothryoidism runs in our family and I'm here.

How can you stop lemon tree that dropping the fruit?

The lemon tree is dropping the fruit of the tree

Is there any medication that you can give a male dog to stop him from wanting a female dog?

No there is not a medication, but you can neuter him and he most likely will not want a female.

How do you stop taking lisinopril safely?

You should not stop taking lisinopril. It is a medication used to control high blood pressure. Going off any high blood pressure medication will put you as risk for heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. If you are having problems with the medication, talk to your healthcare provider. He or she can switch you to another medication.

Can flu medication stop your period?

no because you miss aperiod when your pregnant!!

Can a doctor stop your medication without notice?

yes if he belives your abusing

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