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Yes. Ultrasound is good at detecting and identifying fluid filled sacs such as cysts.

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Q: Can ultrasounds tell if something is a fluid-filled cyst?
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Could a nickel-size hard knot on the back of my neck be something besides a cyst?

A doctor will be able to tell you.

How can you tell if a cyst has popped?

The size will be noticibly decreased.

What sounds can they measure listen to when doing a transvaginal ultrasound and tell you you are not pregnant?

The sounds they measure and listen to when doing a transvaginal ultrasound and tell you you are not pregnant are ultrasounds.

How can i tell if i have a cyst in my labia?

Most likely is it a zit which can hurt but if you are worried you should see a doctor. Only they can tell.

How can you tell if your pregnant or if its a cyst hurting you?

take a pregnancy test or see a doctor...

I have a 5cm ovarian cyst can it shrink in size naturally or will it just get bigger in time?

the cyst can and most likely will shrink itself. although i have had a cyst the same size that ruptured, this is VERY painful you will know when it ruptures. your doctor will tell you were or not it needs to be removed. most of the cyst will shrink and absorb back into your body though.

What is a soft lump behind your ear?

It may be lipoma or sebaceous cyst. The surgeon can tell you for sure.

How can you tell if you are having a girl?

There are several myths/wives tales that suggest you are having a girl but they are not proven by any means. The most accurate way to tell is to get an ultrasound. It is very rare that ultrasounds are wrong.

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Is a bump on the back of your head that is soft to touch and hurts normal but didnt fall or get hurt?

A soft lump on the back of the head can be anything from a cyst to something more serious . There is no way to tell without getting it checked by a physician.

How to tell if a ovarian cyst has ruptured?

sharp pain and then heavy bleeding, blood clots, and sometimes pus

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A sebaceous cyst is a superficial lump that is typically somewhat moveable. Kyphoscoliosis is a bony deformity, deep to the skin, that is not at all mobile. Any health care provider can tell the difference. Make an appointment today for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

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How can you tell the difference between spotting after implantation and a cyst rupturing?

Implantation is usually light and lasts a few hours to a 3-4 days. It is also spotting of a pinkish discharge. Cyst rupturing can only be diagnosed by a doctor.

How can you tell the difference between having an ovarian cyst or having ovarian cancer without going to the doctor first?


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