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Sure they can, and in the process start world war 3.

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The US does not control Cuba. There are military sanctions against the island.

No, but the US does have a military base in Guantanamo Bay.

Yellow Journalism affected public support for US military action in Cuba by convincing many Americans that the US military should support the Cuban rebels .

No, nor can you travel to Cuba unless you are on military or humanitarian missions.

Aside from the garrison at Guantanamo Bay, none. The US doesn't even have Embassy Security Forces in Cuba, as the US does not have an embassy there.

How did yellow journalism affect pub-lic support for U. S. military action in Cuba?

The US did not go to war WITH Cuba. The war was with Spain and it was fought in Cuba, as well as in Puerto Rico and the Philipines. It was called the Spanish-American War.

NO, you do not go to USA customs when you go from Canada to Cuba

because the Americans wanted to build military bases there and they thought russia was going to take over cuba

The US was given control of Cuba in 1898 by the Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish-American War. The treaty put the United States in total control of Cuba and the US took over military possession of the nation from January 1 1899 until May 20 1902, when the US possession of Cuba ended.

(September 2011) It is currently not legal for a US citizen to visit Cuba.

The Cold War affected Cuba because the Soviet Union had planted Soviet missile sites in Cuba near a US military base and fairly close to Florida

It is a Naval base ~ see related link below .

places of interest in cuba are guantanamo bay the us army base and when you go to cuba, dont forget to become a communist leader

There are no herbs imported to the US from Cuba. The US does not trade with Cuba.

A US relic embargo prevents you from going...

They go to military school first!

More than likely Cuba does not have much choice in the matter - it is the status quo. Plus, is Cuba even able to make America leave? Its also possible that Cuba gets some benefit from it and therefore does not want the US to leave.

How did the US go a isolationism foreign policy to a political and military involvement?

There is a trade embargo with Cuba, the US does not trade anything with Cuba.

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