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yes they can be melted down and made into many other things, like lumber, park benches, and plywood. here is a link for more info.

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How many pounds in a block of tofu?

The blocks in our grocery are 8 ounce and 12 ounce.

How do you get past the block puzzle in nabooti?

you push the outside blocks then the inside blocks then push them together

How are igloos put together?

They are made from blocks of ice - the side that is having another ice block stuck to it has a small amount of water poured over it the ice block is placed on top the water freezes and the blocks are stuck firmly together.

What is a base ten block?

A base ten block is a counting tool used in math.There areones blocktens blockshundreds blocksthousands blocksHope that helps! :)

What is the plural for block?

The plural form for the noun block is blocks.

Elements can be categorized into how many blocks based on their number of electron orbitals?

Elements can be categorized into 4 differents blocks, s block, d block, p block and f block.

What are the different blocks in karate?

There are a few specific blocks that are taught, but as one gets more proficient, it becomes harder to differentiate them. * Inside Block * Outside Block * High Block * Low Block * Circle Block

How tall is 20 block?

It depends on what type of blocks, and the sizes of the blocks.

How many Chevy small blocks are there?

350 and under are small blocks. There is also a 400 small block but there is a 400 large block. 396 and up are big blocks.

How many blocks are in 50 feet?

That depends on the size of the blocks. If each block is 1 foot long, then there would be 50 blocks, if however, each block is 2 feet long, there would be 25 blocks. Just divide 50 by the size of each block.

What is a block shot?

a block shot is when someone blocks a shot...... or a shot taken from the block

What fraction of the time would you pick a blue block if you had 5 green blocks 6 red blocks 1 blue block and 3 yellow blocks in a bag?


What are quilt blocks?

A quilt block is an individual piece of fabric used to make the pattern of the quilt top. Many blocks are sewn together to create a quilt. Quilt pieces could be be called patches, or blocks. Usually a quilt block is assembled from several quilt pieces, though not always. They are sometimes called appliqué.

What are the four blocks on the periodic table?


What is the volume of 3 blocks wide 2 blocks long 2 block high?

12 blocks

How many blocks is 1km in minecraft?

1km is 1000 blocks. 1 block is 1 meter. 1 block is exactly 1x1x1.

How do you separate blocks in mine blocks?

You shift click on the block and place it where you want it

What is java block?

A Java block is a section of code enclosed within curly braces {} within a method. For example, here is a segment of code with several blocks: public static void main(String[] args) { for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { System.out.println("Inside a for loop block for the " + i + "th time"); } if(System.currentTimeInMillis() > 1000) { // Inside a if block } } Some other blocks are: switch blocks, case blocks, for-each blocks, while blocks, and anomonous methods and classes (and all the methods and blocks inside.) I hope that answers your question.

Yushiro made a tower with 25 red and black He strted with a red block Everyother block was red How many red blocks did he use?

there are 13 red blocks

What number block is iron block in minecraft?

The ID for Iron Blocks is 42.

What is a block macromolecule?

A block macromolecule is a macromolecule composed of a linear sequence of blocks.

What are the four-blocks of the periodic table?

the s-block, the p-block, the d-block, the f-block,and there is an theoratical g-block

Why is a cell the building block of living matter?

It is a matter of perspective. Cells are the building blocks for tissue. Tissue is the building block for organs. Organs are the building blocks for the body. Proteins are the building blocks for cells.....molecules are the building blocks for proteins.....atoms are the building blocks for molecules.

What is the present tense of blocked?

I/you/we/they block. He/she/it blocks.

How do you beat level 40 in red remover game?

first you get rid of all the red boxes in each corner, then you have 4 rows of blocks with one green block in the middle, then you get rid of the blocks at the end of every rowuntil you get down to the green block on top of the red block, then you click on all of the red blocks so the green blocks are on the big green block.