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It depends on the recipe. Shortening becomes solid at room temperature while vegetable oil does not. So vegetable oil may be substituted for melted shortening only in recipes that do not depend on shortening becoming solid for texture when cooled.


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Substitutes for liquid shortening include: melted butter melted shortening vegetable oil canola oil melted lard

Yes. It should be melted and cooled to lukewarm before adding to other ingredients. However, one should consider that shortening is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is not a healthy substitute for oil.

Yes, melted shortening can replace vegetable oil in zucchini bread, although shortening is not a healthy choice.

Yes, in some cake recipes, canola oil can be substituted for shortening.

Yes, for baking purposes, solid shortening can be melted and used as a substitute for vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil and butter are two types of shortening. All fats and oils are shortening, and can be substituted for each other, but this will affect the flavour and texture of the food, as some shortenings have stronger and different flavours, and also have different melting points.

Yes, but trans fats and hydrogenated fats are really bad for you--watch out!!

No, vegetable oil is a liquid and vegetable shortening is a solid, almost like butter.

solid vegetable oil is shortening, such as Crisco.

vegetable oil would be unsaturated and butter saturatedd, idk about shortening

Substitutes for vegetable shortening include vegetable oil (olive, safflower, corn, mixed, and so forth), butter, lard, schmaltz, and applesauce though frying with applesauce is likely to prove disheartening. Choosing the right substitute depends upon the application.Butter can be substituted for vegtable shortening.

You can not eat vegetable shortening in is edible...but you can not use it in can use vegetable oil if you like....:)

No, but you can substitute pizza for a vegetable.

Vegetable oil is unsaturated. Butter is saturated. Im not sure about shortening.

Vegetable shortening is made industrially by hydrogenating vegetable oil using a catalyst. It's not something you can really do at home.

No, oil is liquid, shortening should be solid. Margarine or butter can be used as shortening.

Shortening, such as Crisco, is made from vegetable oil.

No. It is just vegetable oil. I don't think animal fat shortening is even available except for straight lard.

You can safely substitute liquid oil for solid shortening in baking ONLY if the recipe calls for the shortening to be melted first. You can substitute butter or margarine for shortening ( 1 cup + 2 Tbsp for each cup of shortening). You can also substitute 1/2 cup applesauce or prune puree for each cup of shortening.

In cooking butter can be used for vegetable oil, but it cannot be substituted in baking.

Butter, shortening or lard can be substituted for oil, depending on what you are cooking.

No. Lard is animal fat and shortening is vegetable oil that has been hydrogenated.

Melt it and let it cool. The cake will be denser with shortening than with oil.

For most cookies you can't use oil in place of shortening.

No but you can make American muffens with vegetable oil

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