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Can vegetarians eat egg?

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Yes they can. A vegetarian abstains from meats, and egg is not meat.

A vegan, on the other hand, abstains from all animal products in his/her diet, which would include eggs.

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Can a vegetarians drink milk?

A person who is classified as a traditional "vegetarian" usually eats milk and egg products, but not meat. This describes most vegetarians. However, there are vegetarians known as "ovo-vegetarians" who do not drink milk but eat egg products.Vegans, however, are vegetarians who eat absolutely no animal products, including meat, milk, and eggs. This variety will not drink milk.

Can vegetarians eat seafood?

No. Vegetarians do not eat fish. Vegetarians do not eat any animals.

Can vegetarians eat poultry foods?

Vegetarians can eat birds but then they are not vegetarians any more. Some vegetarians eat eggs.

What foods are not eaten by semi-vegetarians?


What types of vegertarians are there?

Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy, but don't eggs or other animal products. Ovo-vegetarians eat egg products, but don't eat dairy or other animal products. Ovo-lacto vegetarians eat dairy and eggs but nothing else that comes from an animal. Pure vegetarians/vegans eat nothing that comes from an animal, dead or alive.

Why don't vegetarians eat eggs?

There are many kinds of vegetarians. Some eat eggs and dairy products. Those types of vegetarians are known as "Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians." There are also vegetarians, known as vegans, who eat no animal products, whatsoever, including eggs, dairy, and honey. Many vegetarians give up eggs because of the known suffering that exists within the egg industry, and some vegetarians give up eggs for health reasons.

Is egg vegetarian or non vegetarian?

It really does depend on what type of vegetarian you are. Lacto-ovo vegetarians (the most common type of vegetarian diet) can eat egg. However many will chose to only eat free rage eggs.However lacto-vegetarians and vegans will not eat eggs.

What are somethings that vegetarians can't eat?

Vegetarians can't eat meat. Vegans- a stricter form of vegetarianism- can't eat any animal products: fish, meat, milk, egg, honey, anything produced by an animal.

Do vegetarians eat poultry?

Vegetarians do not eat poultry. Poultry falls under the category of meat, which vegetarians do not eat.

Do vegetarians eat salmon?

No. Salmon are animals and vegetarians do not eat them.

Can vegetarians eat meat?

They physically can eat meat, but they choose not to eat meat, which is why they are vegetarians.

Can vegetarians eat chicken soup?

No. Vegetarians do not eat any animals.

Can vegetarians eat beef bouillon?

No, vegetarians can not eat beef extract.

Is egg drop soup vegetarian?

It can be if made with vegetable broth. Since it is made with eggs, some vegetarians who don't eat eggs will not eat it.

Do vegetarians eat egg?

Some do, and some don't. I personally do not eat fertile eggs. Vegans do not eat eggs. Some religious groups do not eat eggs (Hare Krishnas).

Why do vegetarians not eat eggs?

Vegetarians do not eat eggs because of the fact that its a chicken and they do not eat meat.

Do vegetarians eat turkey?

Vegetarians don't eat meat, so they would not eat turkey.

What does lacto-ovo vegetarians include?

Lacto-ovo vegetarians are vegetarians who eat eggs and egg products and milk and milk products. They are not vegans, who eat neither. On the other hand, virtually all vegetarians refuse to eat products that would be considered most cruelly produced. If an animal must be killed to produce an item [from a lamb chop to the gelatin that goes into marshmallows, say] a lacto-ovo vegetarian will not eat it.

Do strict vegetarians eat honey?

Yes, vegetarians eat honey. Vegans do not.

Where do vegetarians go to eat out?

vegetarians can eat anywhere, they usually just get salads.

Can vegetarians eat earth worms?

Vegetarians don't eat any animal.

Can vegetarians eat dairy?

Yes, vegetarians can eat dairy products. Vegetarians who also don't eat any dairy products are called "vegan."

Can vegetarians eat smoked salmon?

Vegetarians can eat smoked salmon and they will still be a vegetarian. There are different types of vegetarians for example vegan vegetarians which eat nothing that comes from a animal and no dairy products.

Do vegetarians eat gravy or stock?

not strict vegetarians.

Can vegetarians eat drumstick lollies?

there not suitable for vegetarians