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It is possible on larger dia pipes but on smaller ones replacement is the ticket.


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Open the sunroof and find the four drain holes. Clear any debris. Blow air inside the drain tubes to find out if there is any blockage. Slide the replacement tubing inside the drain hose.

1 unit vertically down for each 12 units lateral.

The evaporator drain is suppose to drain off the condensation (water). If you plug the drain the water will end up inside the cabin on the floor.

That's possible but difficult and seemingly unnecessary. Why not just lead it's drain to the garden or to perimeter drain.

You drain the water then plaster the walls from inside

Inside the unit under the evaporator coil. The condensate drain line is attached to it.

Usually toilet flange is glued down onto plastic drain pipe. There is a toilet flange that can be glued inside of plastic drain pipe also.

It has to drain the condensate buildup somewhere... Some drain directly into the homes plumbing and only drain outside the home when the inside line has plugged up, like an overflow pipe.

to heat the leafs to drain the juice inside

It is on the inside bottom right corner of the radiator. Towards the engine. It will be a plastic drain cock. It is hard to see, but it is there,

Water from my ac is draining in side the floorboard where is the drain hose on a 99 Oldsmobile intrigue

Yes. If the alternator is dead and you drive the vehicle, all the power is coming from the battery and it will eventually drain completely. Also, if a diode is shorted inside the alternator, that can drain a battery.

get an "ID" (that is Inside Diameter) pipe wrench. they are available at most good hardware stores. this will allow you to turn the flange from the inside.

It is a ridiculous design it actually drains inside the uni-body frame rail, you will have to remove the dash to get to the hvac unit and replace the seal that seal it against the firewall from the passenger side so it will stop leaking inside the car, or you could cut a hole inside the fender well to get to it and attach a drain hose that will drain inside the fender well through the hole that you made.

Condenser drain tube. It allows the condensation from inside the system to drain out.

The bottom inside corner of the radiator.

Leaks water? The condensation drain is plugged.

They are in the 4 corners of the tray...inside/under the roof. NAD

Water is leaking inside the car, it could be from a clogged drain for the sunroof, clogged a/c evaporator case drain, faulty heater core, faulty door seal or even an improperly installed replacement windshield.

Condensation from the ac evaporator inside under the dash drains thru a drain tube. The drain tube is probably plugged with crud.

The drain for the A/C condensation is plugged. Look under the car on the passenger side for a drain hole. Straighten out a coat hanger and run it up into the car. Don't get wet. A lot of water will drain out.

The drain plug for the coolant on a 2004 Nissan Quest is on the lower corner of the radiator on the inside. In other words, on the side of the radiator that faces the engine.Ê

It is located on the passenger side, just inside the tire. It is on the back side of the drain pan, as opposed to the bottom of the pan.

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