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Yes it can if it's layered. Go to a good hairstylist and tell them what you want. Look through movie magazines or hairstyle magazines and if you see a picture you like then take it into the hairstylist.

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If you were born with very straight hair but now you have puffy and curly hair How do you get it naturally straight again without an iron?

You can't "naturally" straighten it. If I were you I would just rock the curls! If you find the right products it can be easier than straightening your hair. If you still want straight hair try using Straight To The Maxx, which will temporarily straighten your hair for a month or two without lots of damage. Otherwise you need to get it chemically straightened at the salon.

Is Martin Short gay?

HE was married until 2010 until his wife died of cancer. This still does not ensure he was straight.

Do woodpeckers stand still or straight?


Should you have short hair and clean shave to wear a suit?

Not necessarily. You can still look well in a suit without short hair and with a beard and/or moustache.

How can you make your hair slim and straight without using a strainer and damage your hair?

There really is no healthy way. I suppose that the best option would be to blow it out with a round brush and blow dryer, but if you do that every day, it will still burn and damage your hair. I would recommend simply keeping it wavy. Naturally curly hair is beautiful and I don't think you should waste it by making it limp and straight.

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What is best is to just to stop talking to them ,without a word and just walk away so that way your friend can get your message straight ,without hurting their feelings with words,but its still going to hurt them either way .

Is 4 feet too short for 10 years old girl?

No. People come in all sorts. Some naturally grow faster, taller, slower, and/or short. I was shorter than most of the boys my age, but I eventually caught up. My sister grew faster, but she is still short as an adult. Love Your Body!

Did Ringo Starr have straight hair?

Yes, Ringo Starr had straight hair and still does.

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You are pregnant on the 4th months but you found out that hymen still intact can you do the surgery while am pregnant without affecting my health or my babe's?

You don't need surgery, you obviously have a very stretchy hymen if it is still intact after intercourse and it will give naturally when the baby is born.

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i have looked every where for short curtains-people still have short windows---where can i get them

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Can you still curl your hair after getting a straight perm?


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