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Can videos be embed into email?


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One can attempt embedding videos into an E-mail by using HTML (as it is the only wide-spread language that can embed videos), but it is not always definite that it will embed itself - because the HTML that embeds the video may be blocked or rendered in a way that does not show the user the video - often for protection.

If the HTML is allowed, then yes, in most cases, videos can be shown in E-mail.

Most E-mail providers (and E-mail reading software, such as Microsoft Outlook) will have an option to block HTML, by rendering it unable to work somehow, or showing the raw source of the message (with a raw buffer, in which no HTML is parsed into objects or elements, etc).

Hotmail, Yahoo, and other E-mail providers usually keep this option on as a default (allowing HTML), but only from trusted senders of the E-mail, such as contacts. Microsoft Outlook and most E-mail viewing programs turn the option off as a default (not allowing HTML).


You can Create web videos with an embedded player which can be placed directly into the webpage.

for Sample players on the web click on the link below.

FOr a Tutorial -- Easy Way to Put Videos on Web Pages, Blogs, Forums, eBayAuctions, MySpace and More click on the link below

Useful tutorial on its Google blog:


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You can embed Youtube videos by copying the embedding link. The link is below every video on youtube.

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You can embed YouTube videos in Gmail. The YouTube videos can be embedded by a link. The link can be pasted in the body of the mail.

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You have to copy the embed code and then paste it where it says put embed code here to make the video and then there you go.

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You can use the embed code provided on most YouTube videos. This embed code can be added to the body section of your website in order to display the subsequent video.

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Copy the 'Embed' Code (Some Videos have this Disabled and you can't put the Video on your Website)Paste the 'Embed' Code into some 'HTML' on your Site

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