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You can but its not advisable as glue is needed to stick the laminate flooring down and it will ruin the wood beneath.

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What flooring can you put on concrete?

Tile, cork, vinyl, laminate, carpet and engineered flooring.

Can vinyl be laid over laminate floors?

No! Bad idea! Laminate is a floating floor that has to dissipate any moisture that comes up through it. If you put vinyl flooring over it, the laminate can't "breath" and it will respond to the humidity by swelling up and buckling.

Can you put laminate flooring over terrazzo without underlayment?

No. unless you want your floors to buckle from the moisture. It is not recomended to install laminate flooring over terrazzo flooring. The moisuture buildup will ruin the wood planks.

Can you put laminate floor over a vinyl floor?

If the vinyl is down tight , the answer is YES, Laminate con go over it

What type of floor is best with dogs?

Laminate wood flooring is the best to use if you have a larger dog. Laminate is easy to put down and even a 80 pound dog will not leave marks on it . Real hard wood flooring will show marks, but they can be sanded down to like new again.

How should one prepare a floor before putting down new vinyl flooring?

It depends on the type of floor that you are putting down the vinyl flooring on top of. If it is concrete, then make sure it is clean, dry and repair any cracks or holes. If the old vinyl flooring is in good repair then just put the new vinyl flooring over it or use an embossing leveler for slightly worn vinyl flooring. If the old vinyl flooring is in very poor shape remove it completely. Plywood underlayment can be used for other types of flooring that you will put new vinyl flooring down on top of.

Can you put laminate flooring over two layers of existing linoleum?

This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the general answer is yes if the flooring has no give and the height will not pose and issue at doorways. This is not true for vinyl or linoleum. You can only go 2 layers thick there.

Do you need more than the tiles to put in laminate flooring?

In order to determine if you need more than tiles to put in laminate flooring it depends on what kind of flooring you are going to buy . There are differents options you can buy such as ones that come pre - glued or ones you have to glue yourself when installing .

Can you put laminate flooring on stairs?

Ofcourse you can, you just have to make sure your measurements are perfect.

Can you put down laminate flooring over top of wood?

Yes you can lay laminate floor over old hardwood floor, but why would you want to? You can lay laminate over a large variety of surfaces, not carpet, ha ha. Would it not be less expensive, faster, more conservitive, and more beautiful to refinish the existing wood floor? Just a thought.

How do you know if the floors in your house are hardwood?

Nowadays, "hardwood" is a generic term used for any type of wood flooring. Woods such as pine are considered soft woods but are still used as "hardwood" flooring. In my experience any floor that has finished wood covering the surface is a hardwood floor. The term is used more loosely today. 50 years ago, a "hardwood" floor meant maple, in almost all cases. Today, man-made laminate "wood" might be called a "hardwood" floor, but flooring that is actual pieces of wood will almost always be called a "hardwood" floor. The "finish" floor in most construction nowadays is plywood. The flooring - wood, vinyl, carpeting, whatever - is put down over that.

Is it ok to put furniture immediately on laminate flooring that has just been laid?

Assuming that you do in fact mean laminate, yes, you can put furniture on it right away. There is no adhesive involved and hence no drying time. However, if you mean vinyl (and many get the 2 confused), if it is a glue down vinyl, you need to wait until it properly dries and you should check the manufacturer's instructions. For most, 24 hrs would be sufficient, but you should check.

How do you get dye off laminate flooring?

with simply put toothpaste on the spot ten rub it of with a wash cloth

How long does it take to put laminate wood flooring in a house?

As long as one has all the correct tools and knows what they are doing, the actual laying of the laminate goes very fast. Follow the instructions that come with the tiles and over 1000 square feet can be done in a couple days.

What should I use to prevent scuffs on my wood flooring?

Put a high quality stain or varnish to protect your wood flooring from scuffs and scratches.

Can you put laminate flooring in a bathroom?

This depends on the manufacture and the construction of the laminate flooring. Generally speaking, it is unwise to put laminate into a full bath. The frequent humidity changes from bathing, the water from people exiting the tub, and the change of a catastrophic amount of water getting onto the floor is high. A half bath, or a bath with just a toilet and sink, fair better with laminate. Although you still have to worry about the toilet over flowing or a water line breaking. If you decide to put laminate into a bathroom or even a kitchen, it is best to use a siliconized caulk around the walls and toilet flange to prevent water from seeping under the flooring.

What household product will put a shine on laminate flooring?

If your laminate didn't shine out of the box, nothing will really shine it. A clean floor shines more then a dirty one. Use a good laminate cleaner, like Pergo's.

Can you lay flooring over linoleum?

Hardwood, yes. Laminate , yes. Tile, I wouldn't. you can put tile over it if you put backer board over it, or if you have 3/4 inch subfloor underneath and the vinyl is glued well you can use a superflex motor from lowes. but the backerboard is the best choice

Can you put laminate flooring in your basement?

A conditional answer! PROBABLY Laminate is about the most forgiving and least cranky flooring around. Moisture is the issue for any flooring. A lot of the modern Laminate is approved for moist areas & BELOW GRADE uses. You don't think about it, but the pressure of the ground water pushes moisture through the concrete. If nothing is covering the concrete it usually just evaporates, If you cover it, then it gets trapped by the wood or Laminate and causes damage. Use duct tape & tape a 2'X2' piece of plastic to the floor, if you see condensation on the plastic after a couple of days you have wet basement, if not it is dry for the moment. moisture can change with the seasons.. Ask your flooring maker if it is approved for "BELOW GRADE" that means it is OK for a basement...

What best flooring can install over ceramic?

Many things can go over ceramic with ease, but the "best" option is one which works in the room you're doing. For example, laminate flooring is most forgiving of the unevenness (groutlines) of ceramic tile and easiest to install - but I would not put laminate in a bathroom (it's not moisture resistant). For a bathroom, the best option over ceramic is sheet vinyl. Be sure to use leveling compound to smooth grout lines even with the surface of tiles first.

Can you use a Shark Steam cleaner on laminate flooring?

Yes you can. I personally own a Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop and it works great on my Laminate and Tile. It leaves it dry and streak free. I like it because it doesn't directly put water on my laminate causing it to make bumps in my floor like my mop used to do. Here is a great article on how to clean your Laminate flooring and it's the reason why I ended up getting the steam mop that I did.

Can you put oak flooring in a bathroom?

No. Oak when wet turns dark. Also, like all wood flooring, it is moisture sensitive and can warp.

What is best flooring for building construction concrete flooring or tile flooring?

tile flooring can be put on a wood floor or a concrete sub floor. tile would be your finished flooring. however, concrete finished floors can be used, need to be sealed.

Can ceramic tile be put over hardwood flooring?

Put hardibacker over the wood and lay the tile on the hardibacker. Make sure the wood is firm and level.

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