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Can virgin coconut oil help hypothyroidism?

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Virgin coconut oil is known to support thyroid action and according it is recognised as helpful for those with hypothyroidism.

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Does the virgin coconut oil can cure hair loss?

Coconut oil can help prevent hair loss.

What is the best brand of virgin coconut oil in Kerala?

NIVARA Virgin Coconut Oil

Does organic virgin coconut oil help you lose weight?


What's the different between coconut virgin oil refined and coconut virgin oil unrefined?

The coconut virgin oil refined is that one which passes the various stages in a refinery. The coconut virgin oil unrefined is that one which is yet to pass through the various stages of a refinery.

Why is virgin coconut oil virgin?

"Virgin" in the name of any oil refers to the fact that it comes from the first pressing or extraction of the oil from the source, in this case coconut.

Who invented virgin coconut oil?

the one that invented the coconut oil is rubco ..

Scientific name of virgin coconut oil?

virgin cocos nucefera oil

What is the Density of virgin coconut oil?

the density is 2.32

What makes the virgin coconut oil ranced?

If virgin coconut oil comes in contact with water it gets rancid ..please store VCO at cool and dry place.

What can virgin coconut oil be used for?

Virgin coconut oil can be used for a variety of purposes. Most use it for cooking, or as a health supplement. You can also use it for massaging into the skin.

Where can you buy merit vco extra virgin coconut oil India?

You can buy Merit VCO extra virgin coconut oil online through their website, it's cold processed and extracted from coconut milk.

What are the uses of the coconut tree?

It has many uses.It is used to make stick broom.Coconut milk from the mature coconut is used to make virgin coconut oil,these can help prevent and treat minor ailments

Can virgin coconut oil help you lose weight?

No. Coconut oil is a lipid, which means it's a source of fat. Fat is the most calorie-dense of food sources, which means that consuming too much coconut oil (virgin or no) will cause you to put on weight. Worse, it's high in various types of saturated fats, which account for over 90% of the fat found in the oil. Virgin coconut oil simply means oil that is pressed directly from the coconut, which is then untreated further (except for filtering). It may taste slightly better than processed oil, but it doesn't last as long before going bad.

What is organic coconut oil?

The oil contains healthy fatty acids that help burn the stored fat in the human body, resulting in weight loss.Organic virgin coconut oil (VCO), when compared to refined, bleached, and deodorized (RBD) coconut oil looks similar in the liquid form. However, in the solid form, organic VCO is pure white application; whereas RBD coconut oil ranges from white to light yellow color. In terms of composition, both do not differ much, although organic VCO includes some polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals that contributes toward the fragrance, taste, goodness of the oil than its counterpart.

Can virgin coconut oil help hyperthyroidism?

NO. In fact, while coconut oil doesn't cause the diseaseof hyperthyroidism, it does cause the thyroid to become more active by up to 20% from what I have read. Now back to the original answer posted:

How many milligrams are in a teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil?

That is 5,000 mg

What is the best coconut oil to use to help prevent seizures?

Coconut oil does not and cannot help prevent seizures.

Is coconut oil a saturated fat?

Yes. Coconut oil is a saturated fat. In addition, virgin coconut oil is composed mainly of medium-chain triglycerides, which may not carry the same risks as other saturated fats.

Is virgin coconut oil is an example of hydrocarbon?

Yes. All oils are hydrocarbons.

What are the advantage of virgin coconut oil?

it is used in my Hair it is good I recommend you to use it.=)

How do you get this one annoying snarl out of your hair?

If by "snarl" you mean "knot" then I suggest you massage it out using water and a natural oil, such as extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

How do you make malunggay oil?

place a handful of malunggay leaves w virgin coconut oil in a blender and stir

Is coconut oil good for your teeth?

Coconut oil good for your teeth is good for help especially teeth and gum.

Does coconut oil help get rid of pimples?


Which one is better for weight loss and or overall health Extra virgin coconut oil or wheat germ oil?

wheat germ oil

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