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No it is not possible for a virgin to get pregnant while abstaining from sex. In order for pregnancy to happen, a woman must have vaginal sex. Semen must enter the vagina in order for pregnancy to be probable. Without penetration of a penis into a vagina with a release of ejaculate, there is no way for a woman to become pregnant. A virgin who abstains from vaginal sex cannot get pregnant.

Oral sex and anal sex cannot lead to pregnancy unless semen somehow leaks into the vagina. At any point where semen enters the vagina, pregnancy is possible.

Virgins don't participate in vaginal sex(strict virgins don't participate in any form of sexual conduct) therefore they can't get pregnant.

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Q: Can virgin get pregnant with no sex?
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Can a virgin get pregnant without sex?

A woman could get pregnant by artificial insemination and still be a virgin.

Can a virgin be pregnant while having a period?

If you are virgin chances are you have not had sex, and so cannot become pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if she is not a virgin but the guy is?

YES!!! As long as a girl and a guy have sex a girl can get pregnant. It doesn't matter if their both virgins, if the guy is a virgin and the girl isn't, if the girl is a virgin and the guy isn't, or if neither of them is a virgin. As long as you have sex you can get pregnant. I recommend birth control and condoms if your planning on having sex and don't want to become pregnant.

Can a partially virgin girl get pregnant?

Partially virgin?Either you have had sex or you have not; there is no "partially" about it.If you have had sexual intercourse then a pregnancy is possible; if you have not had sex there is no possibility of pregnancy.

If a virgin has I.V.F treatment and get pregnant is she a virgin?

Of course! You can only lose your virginity by having sex. There needs to be penetrating to lose your virginity.

What is a virgan?

A virgin is some one that never had sex with a male or female or they just hate sex because if you do have sex you could end up pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you got your period 5 days late And you didn't have penetration You're still a virgin and you only had oral sex both ways?

If it was oral sex then you can't be pregnant

Can you be pregnant even if he didn't come inside you and how soon should i take the test?

A woman can only become pregnant if sex was done unprotected, or if a condom broke during protected sex. if your a virgin, you cant be pregnant.

How can you tell if you are a pregnant virgin?

You cannot be a pregnant virgin

You have done 2 pregnancy tests and both said im not pregnant could you still be pregnant?

It's still possible to get pregnant if you are not a virgin or either have unprotected sex.

What percentage of virgin pregnancy?

Very funny. For those of you who don't get it, a virgin hasn't had sex in the first place, so therefore couldn't get pregnant. So, 0%.

What the risk during pregnancy for virgin women?

Being visited by the Lord God. Virgins have never had sex, and without sex cannot become pregnant.

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