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In all cases, well-adjusted or not, please do seek professional help to address this question. "Visions" that are unaccompanied by other psychiatric symptoms are commonly the result of a physical illness, including something as serious as a lesion in the brain.

Many people experience "visions." As you know humans use just a small percentage of their brain and medical science is just now (after all these years) studying the brain and finding out amazing things about it.

When a person says they see a vision (if they are mentally sound of course) many doctors will poo-poo this idea and say it's either the brain or our eyes playing tricks on us. Yet, the odd thing is that the medical profession is studying death in hospitals. When a person is dying they often will leave a nurse there to take notes as to what the person is saying. In Canada, when you die in hospital they leave your body for 1 hour so the "soul can pass." The body weighs several pounds less after death (the soul leaving) but still, many doctors believe this is gas and fluids releasing from the body. I find the medical profession contradicts itself often.

If you or the person you may be talking about is usually a well adjust person and has had a "vision" then they probably have.

However, be warned ... if you are in any group, belong to a cult, or someone is instilling over and over again to you that you will see a certain vision, then the person probably is not experiencing a true vision. Some religious beliefs can also have the same effect on a person. It's called "mind hysteria". Brain-washing is still alive and well. If someone told you that you would see 3 monkeys in the sky juggling coconuts then you probably would.

Go on "Google" and type in "history on human visions."

If a person is having visions, the safest course is to see a mental health professional.

The Human Mind Is More Powerful Than You May RealizeFrom previous answer:

"Many people experience "visions." As you know humans use just a small percentage of their brain and medical science is just now (after all these years) studying the brain and finding out amazing things about it."

I agree with the above sentiment to a high degree. The human mind is capable of incredible things, many things that can not yet be explained by science.

There are many kinds of "visions." Throughout history, including biblical accounts, there have been prophets and seers. In paranormal terms there are people classified as clairvoyants, precognitive, remote viewers, etc. Some dreams can be categorized as "prophetic."

There are also mental illnesses and medications that may cause someone to experience hallucinations and/or to hear voices. If someone is hearing voices, he should seek psychiatric help at once. Hallucinations are also serious and you should see your family doctor at once. They could be caused by a neurological problem, they may be a side effect of a medication (or illegal drug) you've been using, or some other reason altogether. One of the side-effects of Prozac, for example, can be hallucinations. I know this from experience.

I think many, many people have experienced mild clairvoyance or precognition and written it off as something like coincidence.

For example, dreaming of someone you haven't seen or even thought about in ages, then running into them or getting a call or letter from them the next day.

Or hearing the phone ring and knowing who it is before you answer it (and I'm not talking about the times when you are expecting a call from a specific person.) This happens to me a lot.

I've had dreams come true. For example, many years ago I had a dream about my stepfather's grandfather dying. I didn't know him well, didn't see him often, he lived far away and the last we'd heard, he'd been doing well health wise. My stepfather's family is considerably younger than my mother's and father's families, so the grandfather wasn't particularly old. Yet within less than a week of my dream, we got a phone call from a family member saying that the grandfather had had a heart attack and passed away. It was a little creepy.

So yes "visions" can come true. It's really not as uncommon as you might think. But it your having visions and it makes you feel uneasy or frightened, talk to a professional to ease your mind.

Yes. In particular if you are a born again Christian. This I know to be true because I have been born again 24 years and have had Gods Holy Spirit in me all that time. Ive had several visions and many dreams and, though they were informative, they were not world shattering. I know other Christians, sometimes pastors, sometimes ordinary believers God wanted to use, who have had visions that were shattering... and about the future. The Bible says as Christians we are to put everything to the test because Satan frequently goofs off with people in their sleep. 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 19 says "Do not put out the Spirits fire. Do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything" etc. You can include visions in that as well. Do they make sense? Do they suit your family situation or on a larger scale the world situation? If my case as a collector of visions, prophecies and words of knowledge from the Christian churches I have to look at the man or the woman who makes the claim of receiving a vision... if the claim the are making is something startling. Are they born again Christians? What kind of Christian work do they do? Have any of their earlier visions/or prophecies come to pass? Do they go to a bible-believing Christian church? etc. How do you feel about the vision yourself if you have had one? Do you have peace about it? And no you are not ill if you have a vision or a dream. They do happen. Gods in Charge of earth and will send what He wants to whom He sends it. If you want to read about the great spirit war on planet earth read or click on Ephesians chapter 6 and verses 12 to 18. I know of what I speak about.

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Q: Can visions that you see sometimes be true?
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