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Yes,vitamin A's deficiency cause stunted growth

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Q: Can vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause stunted growth?
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What is the causes and effects of malnutrition in the Philippines?

The causes of malnutrition in the Philippines are poverty and lack of affordable food. The effects of malnutrition are severe vitamin deficiencies and stunted growth.

What provide your body with material for growth and repair?

Mineral and vitamin

What are some common nutritional deficiencies?

These are all summed generalisations Vitamin C deficiencies leads to scurvy Iron deficiencies leads to fatigue Vitamin D deficiencies lead to a bad immune system Protein deficiencies lead to bad muscle growth and weakness Fibre deficiencies leads to clogged up bowels, which cause constipation Vitamin B deficiencies lead to nervous system damage, acne, depression, birth defects and weight lost Vitamin A deficiencies will lead to possible blindness, since it affects the retina, and abnormal bone growth Sugar deficiencies lead to lack of energy, possibly, not sure on that one I hope I've covered the common ones!

A sentence with stunted?

His growth was stunted from drinking too much coffee as a child.

Name two mineral deficiencies?

Calcium is one mineral deficiency. Calcium is needed throughout the body. Iron deficiency is common, too, and it is needed for cell growth.

Can you give me a sentence with the word stunted in it?

My friend stunted in her growth because she drank to much coffee.

Stunted growth of an animal is due to?

The growth of an animal can be stunted if they don't get enough food rich in proteins. It can also be due to malfunction of pituitary gland which releases growth hormone. Such cases lead to dwarfism.

Will your growth be stunted if you lift weights at age 14?

your growth most likely will not be stunted, as long as you still get about 8 hours of sleep lying down every night

Why is ammonia used as a fertilizer?

It contains nitrogen, and nitrogen is a mineral needed by all plants in order to survive. Without nitrogen, plants would have very stunted growth.

Which deficiency causes growth retardation?

Endothelin-2 deficiency causes growth retardation in mice.

What can stop normal cells from growing?

Stunted growth.

Why did Genie face stunted mental and physical growth?

She was isolated from society.

Does vitamin D affect plant growth?

Yes, Vitamin D does affect plant growth. This vitamin is essential to plant growth since it is obtained from sunlight and needed for healthy growth.

What are the symptoms of plants that are dificient in nitrogen?

stunted growth, yellow leaves

What are the symptoms of nitrate deficiency in plants?

Stunted growth and yellow leaves.

The vitamin not used for growth is?

Vitamin K

Are plants in North Pole?

Some plants with very stunted growth exist.

Use pollination in a sentence?

Without sufficient pollination, the growth of the corn is stunted.

What happens when a plant lacks nitrates?

Stunted growth and yellow older leaves (:

What disease did Simon birch have?

Simon Birch had a Lysosomal Disease, which stunted his growth.

Can stress and depression cause stunted growth in a teenager and by how much?

Yes in the hell it can

Does gymnastics cause stunted growth?

Because it puts alot of pressure on the growth plates in your body with excessive hard landings

Growth and repair?

There are many vitamins and supplements that can be taken for growth and repair of tissues. Vitamin A is one example of a vitamin taken for growth and repair.

Why do you want to control microbial growth?

Microbes can have adverse health effects on humans and pets, so therefore their growth is controlled and stunted.

What would happen if you applied saltwater to a plant?

The plant will face stress and its growth will be stunted

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