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Q: Can vlc media player burn a CD?
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How do you watch a CD movie on laptop?

Through VLC media player

How do you get music on media player?

You burn it on a cd, then upload it on media player. you have to burn it from itunes, though.

How do you play aXXo files?

aXXo files are playable in VLC Media Player. They are alternatives to VLC such as Media Player Classic and MPlayer. DivX/XviD DVD players are also compatible. Most aXXo movies are 701MB meaning they will fit on one CD-R/CD-RW.

How you burn music onto a CD for free?

You can use iTunes and Windows Media Player to burn the music onto CD for free.

How do you save songs on a CD?

the eaisest way to do this is if you have windows media player you can select burn a CD insert a CD-r or rw choose your songs and start the burn

How do you get songs into windows media player for free?

download free music or from a CD that you have already. Burn the CD into windows media player and then save it into your documents, then obviuosly open it in w. media player. Hope this has helped Good luck :)

How do you put songs from iTunes into Windows Media Player?

The easiest way (and the only way) I can figure out is to burn your itunes onto a CD and then rip that CD onto windows media player

How do you burn a Cd on Frostwire?

Just add the songs you downloaded to Windows Media Player, and use it.

How do you burn cd's with windows?

Make sure you have windows media player installed

How do you burn a CD with a compaq presario c500?

you pop the CD in and use windows media player! Read your manual!

How do you watch a video from a CD?

Download VLC Media Player (Download, Install, Start/Run it, Media (menu in top left corner) -> Open Disc (Ctrl+D) and Browse 'My Computer' and choose your CD drive)

How do you copy music to CD?

You must first be sure that your computer has a CD ROM burner installed. If so, you can use Windows Media Player to burn songs to a CD ROM. Just add the songs you wish to burn the the Media Player's Library, and use the Burn command (Copy to CD command in older versions) to copy them onto a disk. Follow the easy-to-use instructions in the Media Player's window.

What does it mean to burn a CD on windows media player?

I means you are writing onto the CD the info onto the disk using a laser. Burning a CD is the process of writing data to it from a device like a computer. The term "burn" is used because it is often not reversible. On windows media player, that is simply an option that allows you to copy selected media to a disk.

How do you put music on a CD?

You have to use a specific program to "burn" it into a CD. Like Windows media player, Nero etc.. Google for CD burner

How do you burn songs from your playlist on to a CD?

go to your media li brary,where it says ''media player''then have a blank CD and just click''copy CD or device''and as easy as that!also my name for zwinky is helana2

How do you cut music then get it to a CD?

You put the cd in and click media player that you have on your computer and drag the music and when your done click burn and it will burn when its done you have all your music on there and you can play it on your computer.

How do you burn a song to a CD that already has songs on it?

you just go back to windows media player or any music player you have to burn discs and press burn song or whatever you want to burn to the disc

How do you burn songs from Windows Media Player on to a blank CD?

There is a tab named "Burn". You can drag songs to the right-side to be burned.

How can you burn music on a blank CD?

Use iTunes or Windows Media Player.Insert your blank CD into your disk drive and open your media player (e.g., Windows Media Player). When it appears with all your music and a playlist tab on the right, click the 'Burn' tab on the playlist selection to your right. Then drag the music you want on your CD to the playlist, then once you're ready, click 'Burn'. Your computer should whir a lot during this process! It will be finished when it automatically pops out of the disk drive.

Can you put mp3 files onto a CD?

Yes, you can put MP3 files on a CD, but the computer will only be able to read them, not a CD player or DVD player. You would be better off by putting those files onto a program that allows you to burn CD's such as iTunes or Windows Media Player, and add them to your library and then burn them onto the CD that way, so your CD player will be able to read the format.

What Windows Vista utility is used to change to burn speed for cd's and dvds?

Windows media player

How can you burn a CD using frostwire?

You can use Windows Media Player, just add the songs you downloaded to it. I don't think you can burn with Frostwire, anyway.

Can you put music from your iTunes on a CD?

you can, the music is on documents get windows media player, and blank disc then burn to disk

How do you get your zen nano mp3 player to sinc?

how do i transfer the file on my zen nano mp3 player and get them to upload in media player so i ccan burn them to a cd?

What is the best audio format to burn a CD for your car and what program to use?

To burn a CD you would have to get on Media Player. But the catch is this only works for windows not Apple or Mac. Not true, you can burn a CD on a Mac and play it in your car. I have done it many times using iTunes.