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yes but if it did erupted at the same time the whole world would be gone for good

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Do volcanoes erupt at different times?

Sometimes, it is very rear for volcanoes to erupt at the same time but it can happen.

Do volcanoes erupt at the same time?

No, is the easy answer to that question.

Do volcanoes erupt in the same way every time?


Do volcanoes erupt at the end of the year?

Volcanoes can erupt at any time of year.

Do volcanoes have a certain time when they erupt?

no volcanoes , erupt on their own time or per say when the process happens

Do all volcanoes erupt the same way?

No, not all volcanoes would erupt the same way. Some volcanoes erupt by explosion while others barely trickle lava down the volcano.

Do dormant volcanoes erupt more violently then active volcanoes?

Dormant volcanoes don't erupt at all. When volcanoes are dormant, are "asleep" and do not erupt for a while. actually yes dormant is asleep but they can erupt at any time your thinking extinct valcanos dont erupt

Can 5 volcanoes erupt all at the same time?

Although incredibly unlikely, it could happen.

Why do some volcanoes erupt and why others explode?

Some Volcanoes erupt while some don't because there are alot of different volcanoes but they all do the same thing.

Why do shield volcanoes erupt?

because they are volcanoes, all volcanoes erupt

Are mountains the same as volcanoEs?

Similar but not the same, volcanoes erupt from magma and lava and rocks come out but not in a mountain

What time of year do volcanoes erupt?

There is no specific time of year for a volcano to erupt. When the pressure of the magma get too much, a volcano will erupt.

What time of year do volcanoes occur?

Volcanoes can erupt any time of year, there is no volcano season.

Do all volcanoes take the same amount of time to erupt?

No ... it depends on how big the volcano is and the mass ... so the answer is no.

Do all volcanoes erupt all of the time?

No. Many volcanoes are dormant or inactive.

Why do volcanoes and earthquakes erupt at the same time?

according to my knowledge a volcano erupts with an earthquake at the same time is because that of the magma inside the earth is flowing or heading to the volcano and so the volcano shall erupt with an earathquake

When is the next volcanoe going to erupt?

It depends some volcanoes erupt and then thousands of years past they will erupt again but some volcanoes erupt and will never erupt again and are dead volcanoes

Name two countries that have volcanoes that erupt occasionally?

It is not uncommon for volcanoes to erupt every year, someplace in the world. Two countries that have volcanoes that erupt from time to time are the United States and the Philippines. Other countries include El Salvador, Iceland, and Africa.

Do volcanoes happen at a certain time of year?

no, volcanoes erupt with the movement of plate tectionics

What are the two ways volcanoes erupt?

what is the two ways volcanoes erupt

How are volcanoes that erupt regularly classified?

Volcanoes that erupt regularly are classified as being active volcanoes.

Do tsunamis erupt?

No. Volcanoes erupt.

How many years does it take for a dormant volcano to erupt?

dormant volcanoes are not as active as active volcanoes, but can erupt unexpectedly. the only volcanoes that we know when will erupt for sure are extinct volcanoes, because they will never erupt again.

Why don't all volcanoes erupt?

Not all volcanoes have an active magma source all the time.

Do shield volcanoes erupt?

Yes, all volcanoes erupt, but shield volcanoes don't have explosive eruptions.