Can water make you pregnant

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Water cannot get you pregnant. Sperm get you pregnant.

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Q: Can water make you pregnant
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Is it true that drinking a lot of water right after sex can't make you pregnant?

NO, drinking a lot of water after sex will NOT stop you from getting pregnant.

Is it sperm like a water make us pregnant?

Sperm can make a person pregnant but is not exactly like water. Sperm is contained in seminal fluid that carries the sperm into the vaginal canal. A person can become pregnant when the sperm enters the female reproductive system.

What is the best way to look after a pregnant rabbit?

give it food and sheleter and make sure it has water

Can semen on your belly travel down and make you pregnant or can sperms survive in water?

There are very less chances of you getting pregnant. But never the less they are there. Sperms do not survive in plane water. They may survive is isotonic saline.

Can chlamydia make you pregnant?

Having chlamydia does not make you pregnant.

Can you make a pregnant woman go into labor by putting there hand in worm water while sleeping?


Is that true peahen drinks peacock's eye's water and have pregnant?

They have sex. Dont waste ur time by thinking that licking can make pregnant hahah funny person

Does the period or breast make a women pregnant?

No it does not make a lady pregnant.

Can water in a pregnant belly make it seem bigger?

Much of the content of the uterus during pregnancy is water-like amniotic fluid, in which the fetus floats.

Can you get pregnant just simply water of the man not the sperm?

That would be the semen which is the transporter fluid for the sperms. They can only be separated from each other in a lab. And no, it's the sperms that make you pregnant.

How many times can a pregnant puddle eat?

A pregnant poodle should eat two times a day, with 1and a half scoops of her normal food. and make sure she has lots of water.