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Yes water can make your brain cells grow, but too much water will make your brain cells burst.

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Q: Can water make your brain cells to grow?
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When brain cell dies due to sneezing do they grow back?

Brain cells never grow back. But sneezing doesn't kill brain cells, and even if it did, you have so many brain cells losing a few would literally make no difference at all.

Why do you have brain cells and what are they for?

Brain cells, mainly neurons, are what make you and make how you work. Without brain cells you could not exist.

Why do you need brain cells?

We need Brain cells to make us think and to make sure nothing is wrong with are Brain but sadly if one of our Brain cells die we loose abit of our thoughts.

Can water make you smarter?

Well actually, dehydration causes your brain cells to shrink which evidently makes you less focused and even slightly dumber. By drinking water, you rehydrate those shrunken brain cells thus making your brain work harder and theoretically make you smarter.

Can cabbage water make you sleepy?

yes because the redness of the juice nocks out the brain cells

Can cells make the human body grow?

Cells themselves don't make an organism grow; however, the addition of cells does.

How do multi cells grow?

Multicellular organisms grow when their cells split off into smaller cells. They make more cells.

How do you make a science experiment with just pipe cleaners?

Make DNA cells or molocules. Make the brain. Make animals and their habitats. Make the water cycle.

If drinking water make you grow?

haha unfortunatly no...water can not make you grow.

Can your body make new brain cells?

Yes it can.

Does blowing into a bag make you lose brain cells?


Does Marijuaa make you dumber?

it kills brain cells

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