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Can watermelon seeds cause or affect arthritis?

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How many seeds that the watermelon have?

there is 300 346 in a big watermelon in a small watermelon there is 18 seeds in a medeom watermelon there is 86 seeds

Whereare the seeds of a watermelon?

the seeds of a watermelon are all over

Where do watermelon seeds come from?

Watermelon seeds come from watermelons.

Fruits with two seeds?

An example if a fruit with two seeds is the watermelon. The watermelon has both white seeds and black seeds, which is the seed used to plant watermelon.

Are watermelon seeds safe to eat?

Yes. When eating a watermelon the seeds can be safely ignored.

Can pomeranian have watermelon?

Dogs can eat the watermelon fruit itself, but be careful to remove any seeds, which can be dangerous and cause serious harm to your pet.

How do watermelon seeds disperse?

animals eat the watermelon and the seeds come out the digestive tract of that animal

Are watermelon white seeds safe to eat?

All kinds of watermelon seeds are safe to eat.

How are watermelon seeds dispersed?

As with all fruit seeds, watermelon uses animals to disperse seeds. When an animal eats a watermelon, the seeds generally pass through the digestive system unharmed. When the animal defecates, the seeds then come out (and embedded in the natural fertilizer).

Is it safe to eat watermelon seeds?

Yes, it is safe to eat watermelon seeds

Can guinea pigs eat watermelon seeds?

No, but watermelon seeds can eat guinea pigs.

Where does a watermelon live?

A watermelon lives in a warm area where watermelon seeds have been planted.

Is a watermelon a vegetable?

A watermelon is a fruit as the seeds are contained within.

Do watermelon have seeds?

Some do and some don't. There are seedless watermelon

When was seedless watermelon invented?

The answer is never! The seedless watermelon is in fact not anything of the sort. On the contrary it has many seeds. I just ate a slice about a few minutes ago and low and behold my seedless watermelon had seeds, albeit edible seeds, but seeds nonetheless. This new fruity invention should be called the watermelon with edible seeds. Of course that doesn't have the same ring as the "seedless watermelon"

How many seeds are in watermelon?

infinite seeds are present in it.each and every watermelon has different number of seeds .We cant say anything perfectly

What will watermelon seeds do to a dog if they eat them?

The seeds will be digested.

What is magaz seeds called in English?

Watermelon seeds.

Does watermelon cause belly aches?

Well i dont get any stomach aches but dont eat a lot of watermelon because it could cause gases in the digestive system, and try not to eat the seeds! But no one i ever knew has ever had a problem eating watermelon

Are watermelon seeds goo for you?

no they are not

How do some cultures use watermelon?

In China, the rind of a watermelon is fried and eaten. They also use the watermelon seeds as a snack (eaten like sunflower seeds.)

What is seeded watermelon?

Seeded watermelon has large black seeds in pink part, as well as some small white ones. SeedLESS watermelon came out a while ago--it has almost no seeds; usually there are still a few little white seeds. The term "seeded" watermelon is just to distinguish it from "seedless" watermelon.

In watermelon why you find seed?

Watermelons is used by watermelon plants to spread their seeds. Watermelon plants have a mutualistic relationship with watermelon eating animals who would normally disprerse the seeds by eating them and then excreting them somewhere away from the plant where they got the watermelon from. This process may not work well when you extrement the seeds into a toilet.

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