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Can we keep turtle and fish in the same aquarium?

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I would not recommend keeping them together. Turtle harvest many types of bacteria that your fish are not used to. Your fish would probably become ill and die trying to fight the bacteria. Also, your turtle (depending on size) could easily kill a fish, whether on purpose or unintentional. I would suggest separate tanks. Good luck

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Can you place a turtle in with a tarantula in the same aquarium?


Do adult male sea turtles mate with adult squids on Facebook happy aquarium?

no, you are only able to mate same types of fish or turtle

Can a cornsnake and a turtle be in the same aquarium 50 gal?

Yes unless the cornsnake is HUGE and the turtle is tiny.

Can seahorses live in an aquarium with a red eared slider turtle?

No, and for a number of reasons. First, seahorses are saltwater fish, and RES are freshwater animals. They could not live in the same environment. Secondly, a turtle would eat a seahorse. Turtles eat smaller fish. Third, seahorses are not available in many countries as they are a protected species. Fourth, even if you were to have a seahorse, they are very difficult to feed and keep alive. They are recommended only for very experienced aquarium keepers. Sorry!

Can a red eared slider turtle and a salamander live in the same aquarium?

ya they can but not a salamander with a snapper turtle the snapper will eat it

Why do you keep snake and turtle in same class?

We keep turtle and snake in same class because both are reptiles.

Can you keep gold and black swordtails in the same aquarium?

Yes. They are both freshwater tropical community fish and should get along well.

Is salt in your aquarium better for your fish?

depends on the FISH. if they saltwater fish, then you put salt water in the aquarium, same thing for the freshwater fish. if you dont know what kind of fish it is, look it up.

What is the most dangerous aquarium fish?

For a freshwater aquarium probable a shark, actually probable the same for saltwater.

Can aquarium fish and water snails be in the same tank?


What do you keep a wild baby turtle in?

In a box with some grass and rocks and little bowl of water to keep him/her hydrated. Or maybe in a fish tank with the same items

Can you put a toad and a box turtle in the same aquarium?

Yes. The first is an insectivore and the second a vegetarian.

How do aquarium fish mate?

The same way their wild counterparts mate.

Can you put a betta fish in the same tank with a water turtle?


Can two painted turtles stay in the same aquarium?

t painted turtles can live in the same aquriam but DO NOT put a snapping turtle or painting turtle together not ant other but there own kind

Can you put a turtle and a betta fish in the same tank?

Turtles, like fish, eat anything they can fit in their mouths. Can your turtle fit your betta in its mouth?

You may have one in your aquarium but which of these fish are in the same Characidae family as the piranha?


Are there fish on happy aquarium that eat more?

No they all eat the same amount

Can you put turtles in the same cage together if one is bigger than the other turtle?

yes, you can. i have a very large turtle and a smaller turtle in the same tank and they get along fine. if you see the large one chasing the other, it may have food in its mouth so feed them at opposite ends of the aquarium. or, if your big turtle is a male, he might want to mate. to detract them from chasing each other have a hiding place for the small one and give feeder fish to keep the turtles busy. and i suggest each turtle having their own basking rock. my turtles get along fine.

Your American flag fish will not eat?

I'm facing the same problem.Just wait for them to settle in with the other fish and the aquarium.

Can a betta fish be in same tank or fish bowl with a baby snapping turtle?

probably not its not a good idea. the beta fish and the snapping turtle would fight each other till the detah. and the turtle would end up winning

Can tropical fish live with Koi fish in the same aquarium?

No! because tropical fish live in heated water and koi in cold water.

Can Siamese fighting fish live with angelfish?

Angelfish will likely pick and nip at fighting fish if put in the same aquarium.

Two fish are placed in an aquarium both are of the same kind and come from the same environment but one dies after five days how did the fish die?

the one is weak

Can tropical fish and goldfish be in the same aquarium?

It is not recommended. Tropical fish come form a warm climate while goldfish are cold water fish.

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