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Can we put 93 transmission in 96 Ford Explorer?


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The 1993 Ford Explorer used an A4LD automatic transmission and the 1996 Ford Explorer 4.0 L - V6 uses a 4R55E electronically controlled transmission , so I would say no

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No , starting with the 1995 Ford Explorer the automatic transmission was electronically controlled

No , starting with the 1995 Ford Explorer the automatic transmissions were electronically controlled

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I believe it is on the passenger side of the transmission behind a heat shield

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If they are both automatic transmission , or both manual transmission , they have the same part numbers for a 1993 and a 1995

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No , 1995 was a redesign , so 1991 to 1994 would be more compatible

I believe you would have to change the tailpiece on the transmission so you can bolt your transfer case to it , and that 1991 to 1994 A4LD automatic transmissions on the Ford Explorer will interchange

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On a 1993 Ford Aerostar : The automatic transmission modulator is on the passenger side of the transmission ( it might be behind a heat shield )

I believe it is in the right front passenger footwell , under the front edge of the carpet , on the toe board , just to the right of the transmission hump

I believe the 1993 Ford Explorer 4 door holds 19.3 U.S. gallons

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