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Tight jeans are a big no-no. You don't need any pressure added to your stomach. But only if they are uncomfortable to you. Since the baby is in a cushioning fluid that protects him/her. But tight clothing can make it hard for your skin to breathe. While pregnant your body temperature can become high very quickly, and when your body can't breathe it cannot cool itself off as effectively. So when necessary try a Bella band.

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Q: Can wearing tight jeans harm your baby?
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Can wearing tight jeans harm your baby if yes how?

No they can not.

Is it harmful wearing tight clothes during pregnancy?

Yes,if its too tight it can harm the baby

Can wearing jeans in your 6th month harm your unborn baby?

Jeans do not cause harm to pregnancy in any way. But clothes should not be fitting tightly on the abdomen and cause undue pressure on your abdomen.

Will wearing jeans harm the baby?

No you can wear whatever you want but it will be uncomfortable after awhile so you can use maternity clothes. They have jeans too. But regardless of what you wear is the fetus protected inside and will not get hurt.

You are seven months pregnant and dislike maternity clothes you are still wearing your pre-pregnancy tight jeans but the waistband is really digging in as bump getting bigger Will this harm the baby?

yes! the poor fella is being restricted... geeze. Just buy some maternity pants already and think of how much more comfortable your baby will be, he's already confined to a small area, he doesn't need to be squished anymore.

Does an aggressive cough harm your unborn baby?

no it will not harm your baby

Will it harm your baby if you drank within the first month of your pregnancy?

It will harm of course harm your baby!

If you vomit while pregnant does it harm the baby?

No it will never harm your baby.

How can NyQuil harm your baby if im 32 weeks?

No. It will not harm your baby.

Crying at 20 weeks pregnant will it harm your baby?

no, crying will not harm the baby

Can alcohol harm an unborn baby?

Yes, alcohol can harm an unborn baby.

You are pregnant and you were prescribed something with 500mgs will it harm you or your child?

No. It will not harm your baby. Your doctor will take that some drug will not harm your baby.

Will it harm the baby if a woman is pregnant but is medically still considered a virgin?

No. There will be no harm to the baby.

Can flour harm baby while pregnant?

No. Flour will not harm your baby while pregnant.

Can cyclosporine harm baby when pregnant?

Can cyclosporine harm the baby while 31 weeks pregnant?

Does one capsule of ibuprofen taken by mistake on week eighteen harm the baby?

No, it does not harm your baby.

Can a chestinfection harm your unborn baby?

Normally it does not harm your baby. But get it treated by your physician as early as possible.

When delivering a baby with ringworm will it harm the baby?


Can eating 2 3 lemons at every meal harm an unborn baby?

No. It will not harm the unborn baby.

Will it harm the baby if you suntan outside?

It wont do the baby any harm at all if you are pregnant suntanning outside.

Does sperm harm the baby?


Is cat poop harmful?

yes if you are pregnant then if you breath the smell in it will harm the baby or the bacteria could harm the baby

Will baking soda harm an unborn baby?

Baking soda, used in usual quantity, can do no harm to unborn baby.

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No. This does not harm the baby.