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No, weed won't effect your Birth Control at all, but if you take antibiotic (amoxillan) then be very worried!

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โˆ™ 2016-07-31 05:57:11
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Q: Can weed effect taking birth control?
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Can you smoke weed while on birth control?

I don't see why not... It won't change the effect of the birth control...

Will taking weed effect the baby?

yes, definitely do not smoke weed while preggie

Does smoking weed not make you get pregnant?

Weed has never been used as a birth control.

Does one puff of weed has much effect on taking a drug test?

Weed is bad for you, and yes, you can tell.

Can you smoke weed while being on birth control?

yes. however, it's illegal and no guarantee your birth control will still be safe.

Smoking weed and taking augmentin?

I don't think that marijuana will have any effect on the augmentin.

Can you still get pregnant if your partner has been smoking weed for quite a while?

weed doesn't prevent pregnancy. condoms and birth control do.

Does synthetic weed cause birth defects?

The scary answer is: we don't know. Every packet of synthetic marijuana is different, but they all contain powerful chemicals that can harm the mother and the baby. Remember, anything you are taking, your baby is taking too. There also might be the possibility of loosing the baby if you do synthetic weed because fake weed has a purgative effect (it makes you barf a lot). Purgatives (things that make you barf and/or eliminate a lot) can cause spontaneous abortion or premature birth.

Can you smoke weed while taking lithium?

Weed will in no way produce a negative effect when used with any other substance if anything you will use too much of the other substance.

What is biological weed control?

Biological weed control weed control using chemicals Answer Biological control is the use of natural enemies or predators of the pest, so the above answer is the opposite.

Can you smoke weed when taking phenoxymethylpenicillin?

I think, that there are no interferences, because the liver is not harmed by the tetrahydrocannabio extrcats. actually the AB is assimilated by the liver so the THC has no effect on that. I guess therfore it's not a risk to smoke weed during taking AB's.

Can you smoke weed while taking flagyl?

Yes, but it is not recommended to smoke weed while taking flagyl.

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