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I haven't yet had my wisdom tooth out, but I have had alot of pain with it. For the past few months a lymph node in my neck has been swollen. Both the dentist and the doctor has assured me that it is because of and infection in my wisdom tooth. maybe you have just got an infection from getting the tooth removed.

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Q: Can wisdom teeth removal cause inflammation in the lymph nodes even without infection?
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What is a symptom of infection after wisdom teeth removal?

Some symptoms of infection after wisdom tooth removal can be severe pain ue to dry socket or puss draining out of whole.Im not a dr. but just from exsperiance.

Is dizziness and severe pain a sign of infection after wisdom teeth removal?

It depends on where the pain is. If the pain is in your gums where the wisdom teeth were removed, then you could have dry socket.

How much weight can be lost from wisdom teeth removal?

Removing wisdom teeth has nothing to do with weight loss. The lack of eating would. You can still eat without your wisdom teeth or any teeth for that matter.

Can infected wisdom tooth be treated without antibiotics?

Yes, they can be extracted. Once removed, the infection will probably clear up without antibiotics.

Are you awake during wisdom teeth removal?


Knowledge without wisdom?

Knowledge without wisdom can be dangerous.

When can you smoke after wisdom teeth?

The amount of time that you have to wait to begin smoking again after the removal of a wisdom tooth is about five days to a week. Smoking too soon after an extraction can lead to a very painful infection called dry socket. It is best to ask your dentist.

How long after wisdom teeth removal can you smoke?

24 hours.

Removal time for wisdom teeth?

Ages 17 - 25

How do ear piercings affect the removal of wisdom teeth?

there is no effect

Can you drink wine after wisdom tooth removal?

no i dont think you can

What are the advantages of knowledge?

can we have knowledge without wisdom or we cannot have wisdom without knowldege

Does Amoxicillin heal cavities from wisdom teeth removal?

When a wisdom tooth is extracted...or any tooth for that matter, a cavity is left in the bone in the space which was occupied by the tooth. Amoxicillin is an antibiotic commonly prescribed following surgical procedures including wisdom tooth removal. It aids in the healing process by preventing infection by bacterial at the surgical site. The cavity will be filled by bone as a natural healing happens over a long period of time...months

Is it normal to get wisdom teeth coming through at age 32 years?

Yes, actually it is quite common. Wisdom teeth can make an appearance at any age, even much later than 32 year old. Wisdom teeth more often that not, will cause pain, infection and other issues that lead to removal being necessary.

Can you get a wisdom tooth infection even if you have taken medicine?

Yes, you can. An infection in your wisdom tooth is signaled by foul taste in your mouth, bad persistance breath, pain in your teeth, headache, fever and chills (at advanced stage infection).

Drinking carbonated drinks after wisdom teeth removal?

YES yes

If you have right side pain after wisdom teeth removal?

yes. it burns

How long can you sleep sideways after wisdom teeth removal?

As long as you want to.

Can you smoke weed a week after 4 wisdom teeth removal?


Does ODSP Cover the removal of wisdom teeth?

yes they do Ontario disability support plan does cover wisdom teeth removal i just got mine removed yesterday i got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed and i tell you it hurts so bad

What do you do if you get an infection after your wisdom are out?

the usual thing to do with an infection is to take a course of antibiotics. First thing to do is to call your dr who removed the teeth and notify him/her that you have an infection.

How soon after wisdom teeth removal can you drink beer?

as soon as you can grab one

How long should you wait to smoke weed after wisdom teeth removal?


Are gums white after wisdom teeth removal?

Yes. It's completely normal.

Can you drink beer after wisdom teeth removal?

no you can not for at leat 3 days to a week.