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Can women be gay?

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Yes, a gay person may be male or female (or anything in between or outside the box). Gay women are also called Lesbians.

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Why gay people not like women?

Gay women like women.

Is there any difference why women are gay and men being gay?

When women are gay, they are interested in other women. When men are gay, they are intersted in other men

Are women gay?

Homosexual men are gay, women are lesbian.

Why are the majority of women gay?

They aren't. Only about 3% of Women are gay.

Why gay men are angry with women?

Gay men are not angry with women. This is a myth.

Can gay men have children with women?

Yes, gay men can have children with women.

Do gay men like fat women?

No. Gay is gay. If a gay guy likes women as well as men that means hes bisexual.

What do people call gay women?

Gay women can also be called lesbians, but the best thing to call them is "women".

How do you meet women interested in women?

Gay dating sites, gay clubs, through friends, work or at the gay pride parade.

Is Marcus Patrick gay?

No He say he like women. He is just cool with gay men and women.

Do gay men have it harder then gay women?

yes they do

Are gay people interested in women?

Gay men are, by definition, not sexually interested in women.Gay women, usually called lesbians, on the other hand, are sexually interested in women.Gay men often have women friends, who appreciate being able to relate to men who aren't thinking about them sexually.

Why do straight men chase gay women?

Straight men generally do NOT chase gay women unless they don't know the woman is gay.

Why do gay people not like vaginas?

because there gay

Are you gay if you like transgender woman?

Absolutely not. Transgender women are women. You are only gay if you are a man who is sexually attracted to men

Why do gay men and women feel the need to be gay?

Gay men and women don't "feel the need to be gay". We are gay. That's the way we are. You don't ask "Why do straight people feel the need to be straight?"

Do gay women have a dick?

No, they are women in every way.

What to do if you are a boy and you are not gay?

If you are a boy and you are not gay, then you should probably date women.Live your life, date women, and be kind to others.

What makes a gay a woman?

If the gay person was born with a vagina and ovaries, she is a woman. But some gay women were born with male genitalia. Those women are called "transgendered" (though not all transgendered women are attracted to other women).

What is a butch?

A butch is a masculine gay woman. Not all masculine women are gay. Being gay is a sexual preference and has nothing to do with disliking men or wanting to be men. Just as being a gay man does not mean that they hate women, or want to be women.

Is Shane filan really a woman?

Yesno he is so not just because hes gay doesnt make him a womenNO HE IS NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NO HE IS NOT A WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND FOR THE RECORD ANY PERSON THINKS HES A WOMEN OR GAY IS A GIANT IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!Shane Filan is not gay

Can a mom be gay?

Yes many gay women are mothers.

Are women allowed to be gay?


Do gay men flirt with women?

Yes, sometimes gay men flirt with women, most often to be funny.

Did women go gay in world war 2?

There have been gay women and men since there have been women and men. WW 2 did not change that.