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FMLA runs concurrent with the first missed day of work due to the on-the-job injury. If you meet the FMLA requirements, your job must be held for at least twelve weeks.

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Q: Can workman's comp time be counted against your FMLA time?
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If you are on workmans comp can your employer take that against your fmla time of 12 weeks?


What if your employer requires you to return to work and you are on workmans comp and your doctor has not released you to work and fmla is over can the employer and fire you?

yes they can and will probably fire you.

Do you have to report long term disability checks to workmans comp?

what earnings must i report to workmans comp

Is an owner of a corporation exempt from workmans comp insurance?

Yes, if you own a business, you can not collect workmans comp for yourself.

Is it true Workmans Comp has only 9 years to collect then they can stop all Workmans Comp payments and treatments?


If you have a workmans comp claim and settle out of court is the workmans comp company required to cover the same injury for the rest of your life if you hurt that area again will workmans comp pay?

i lost a finger in 1983 do i get money for that

Who pays for your health insurance while you are out on workmans comp?

Workmans' comp law does not require your employer pay health benefits beyond treatment of the injury. Your employment (e.g., union) contract may require continuation of benefits, however. And FMLA can quarantee 12 weeks of continued employer contribution. After that you must be offered COBRA continuation.

Can an employer make the employee pay for workmans comp?

can a employer make the employee pay weekly for workmans comp or disability insurance

Is an employee covered by workmans comp if they did not punch in on their time card?

no your not. legally you must clock in or its your word against theirs.srry

What is the maximum withholding for workmans comp?


If you retire is workmans comp still have to pay your medical?

workmans comp is supposed to pay for the life of the injury, check with you lawyer, but that's what my lawyer told me.

What is the maximum amount of time to settle a workmans comp case?

Each state has a different amount of maximum time to settle a workmans comp case.

If you are drawing workmans comp and working at your job part Tim and workmans comp pays you the difference and you get sick and are out of work a few days will workmans comp still pay you the differ?

As each state's criteria for eligibility and amount of workman's comp payable differs, you need to contact your state's office for clarification.

What are the spouses rights in workman's comp cases?

Can my spouse sue on my workmans comp case?

Does workmans comp cover hernias?

Was it an on the job injury?

Do workmans comp claims drug test?


Can you get osteoarthritis of the hand covered by workmans comp?


What is needed to apply for Workmans comp exemption?


What is the workmans comp rate for carpenters?

Depends on the state.

Are taxes taken out of workmans comp?

I believe that workers comp checks are exempt from all taxes.

Self employed workmans comp?

I am self employed in Ohio. Am I required to have workmens comp on myself.

If you are hurt on the job and receiving workers comp do you have to use your FMLA?


Is a worker required to take FMLA when on worker's comp?

Is a worker required to take f.m.l.a. when on workers comp.

What is the cost of workmans comp for plumber?

$15 per hr

Statute of limitation for filing workmans comp?

Varies by state.