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Can workmans comp deny your claim if you injure a wrist that you had carpal tunnel surgery on?


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Yes if they have found that the business it not at fault for the injury

******************************************************* Can workers comp (WC) deny a Carpal tunnel syndrome(CTS) claim?

YES!...but there are other factors to consider.Every state has some type of work comp law that employers have to follow.Employers usually "buy" work comp insurance for their company,IF an employer is really big,they may decide to be self insured and provide their own work comp coverage...but they still have to abide by their states WC laws. Also be aware that there are many other things that can cause CTS...other than repetitive use(which is even hotly debated by medical and legal experts)

Things like diabetes,pregnancy,obesity,hypothyroidism etc..are all known causes and or risk factors for getting CTS.

Usually by the time a case gets to surgery,you know whether WC is covering it or not.And really it doesn't matter from a WC standpoint whether you had surgery or not as to whether it was denied or is just a form of treatment.They have to deny or accept a claim based on the work history,job stressors,medical history etc....

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