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I am 37 years old. When I was about 17 I didn't have any trouble with my ashma anymore. I thought I had outgrown it. When I had my first child, my ashma let it be known it was still there. So basically, I was told by my doctor that you can not outgrow it, just may not be so bad at times in your life. Hope that helps.

Actually it is proven you can outgrow it. I'm 31 and currently serving in the USMC. I was born with Asthma and since I turned about 14 my asthma decreased a lot, and for about 11 years now I haven't had a single trace of it. I went to re-enlist and had to retake my medical evaluation and got in. As you know the rules on asthma were tighter then than nowadays. And you would think even if you get into the service with asthma you wont be able to go out in the Field. Well I've been through 2 tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and combat experience. So don't ever give up and even in most cases that you get it for life, its always treatable

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Can you outgrow asthma?

Yes and no. Asthma symptoms get better in some children during adolescence and young adulthood, and may not return. For others, symptoms go away only to return a few years later. Some children with asthma never outgrow it.

Can asthma be a malady?

Asthma can become very serious if not treated properly, some times people will outgrow this condition.

What are possible treatments of asthma?

There are different treatments of asthma including the use of an inhaler that will be prescribed by a doctor. Another thing that will treat asthma is time, often patients will have symptoms as children and will outgrow them in adult hood.

Can you outgrow allergy?

Yes you can outgrow an allergy, but not everyone can. There isn't even a special treatment to outgrow an allergy. It just sort of happens!

Can you outgrow allergies?

Yes, you can outgrow allergies, but it might take a while.

How fast do you outgrow uniforms?

You outgrow uniforms if you have gained or lost weight, or if you have grown in height.

Is the croup a permanent illness?

The croup is not a permanent illness. Sometimes, however, children may get repeated episodes of the croup before they come down with a cold. Children do outgrow the croup, although sometimes they grow into having asthma instead.

How can you use the word outgrow in a sentence?

he got some new shoes, because he was beginning to outgrow his old his old ones.

Do snails outgrow there shells?

No, they GROW with them.

How dangerous is asthma?

how dangerous is asthma how dangerous is asthma

What is asthma in Arabic?

asthma is called (Rabbo) in Arabic and it writes (asthma = ربو ) or (the asthma = الربو )

Why do arthropods needs to molt?

They outgrow their skeletons.

What is the difference between exercise asthma and normal asthma?

The difference between exercise asthma and regular asthma is that exercise asthma arises due to too much exercise while regular asthma is not.

Do people outgrow autism?

No, people cannot outgrow autism. Autism is a neurological difference, it is something that continues for as long as an autistic person is alive. Although how someone is effected by autism can change throughout their lives, an autistic person cannot 'outgrow' autism at all.

What is the scientific name for asthma?

The scientific name for Asthma is actually Asthma!

What exercises induce asthma?

Exercise induced asthma is where you get asthma from exercese

What is a sentence with the word asthma?

I suffer from asthma. Asthma makes my life hard. I sometimes can't sleep at night due to asthma. I wish they had a cure for asthma.

Can you list some books about asthma?

The Asthma Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know by Francis V. Adams, MD Asthma (Just the Facts) All About Asthma and How to Live With It Ask the Doctor: Asthma The Asthma Self-Care Book : How to Take Control of Your Asthma Asthma & Allergies My House Is Killing Me! The Home Guide for Families With Allergies and Asthma Why Do I Wheeze? Children and Asthma: The Child With Asthma Childhood Asthma: What It Is and What You Can Do Control Your Child's Asthma: A Breakthrough Program for the Treatment and Management of Childhood Asthma The Parent's Guide to Allergies and Asthma American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child's Allergies and Asthma What Your Doctor May Not tell You About Children's Allergies and Asthma: Simple Steps to Help Stop Attacks and Improve Your Child's Health

What are other names for asthma?

One alternative name for asthma is bronchial asthma. Other names that are used include: allergy induced asthma and exercise induced asthma.

Do asthma transfer if you kiss an asthma patient on lips?

No, asthma is not a communicable disease.

Is asthma communicable?

No..... Asthma is not communicable

Is asthma noninfectious?

Asthma is noninfectious.

Who can you get asthma?

you can get it from your family,friendsetc. that has asthma

Can you suffocate from Asthma?

Can you suffocate from Asthma

How do you kill allergies?

staying away from them and you COULD outgrow them

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