Can you 'outgrow' asthma

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I am 37 years old. When I was about 17 I didn't have any trouble with my ashma anymore. I thought I had outgrown it. When I had my first child, my ashma let it be known it was still there. So basically, I was told by my doctor that you can not outgrow it, just may not be so bad at times in your life. Hope that helps.

Actually it is proven you can outgrow it. I'm 31 and currently serving in the USMC. I was born with Asthma and since I turned about 14 my asthma decreased a lot, and for about 11 years now I haven't had a single trace of it. I went to re-enlist and had to retake my medical evaluation and got in. As you know the rules on asthma were tighter then than nowadays. And you would think even if you get into the service with asthma you wont be able to go out in the Field. Well I've been through 2 tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and combat experience. So don't ever give up and even in most cases that you get it for life, its always treatable

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Q: Can you 'outgrow' asthma
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