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Yes, the symptoms of getting your period or ovulating can be similar to pregnancy symptoms.

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Can i feel bloated if pregnant?

Yes, many people feel bloated when pregnant

What do you feel like when you are pregnant but dont know you are pregnant.?

The same as you always feel.

What does your uterus feel like from the inside if you are pregnant?

You cannot feel your uterus from the inside, pregnant or not.

how does it feel when someone is pregnant?

it really feels bad im not kidding!

How do you know if a hamster is pregnant?

to know if a hamster is pregnant feel her stomach and see if you feel a circle kind of and if like you could feel it pumping that means shes pregnant

Im not pregnant but sometimes you feel morning sickness can this be that im pregnant?

If you are not pregnant then no you cannot be pregnant.

You have an IUD and you feel pregnant?

An IUD does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. If you "feel pregnant," take a test.

If your a month pregnant can you feel your babys heart beat by touching your stomache?

You can not feel the baby's heartbeat when pregnant.

You feel pregnant but you got your period?

Then you're probably not pregnant

How do you know your pregnant but your period is irregular?

I feel pregnant but I am on my piriod

Can you still be pregnant and your period come on and still feel pregnant?

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

When you are one week pregnant can you feel ant thing in you stomach?

when you are one week pregnant can you feel anything in your stomach

What if you just feel pregnant?

Even if you just 'feel' pregnant - it's best to take a test to confirm whether you are or not !

If you think you may be pregnant how would you feel a week before your period is due?

No different to how you would feel if you were not pregnant.

Is it possible to feel movement at 2 months pregnant?


How does your cervix feel if you are pregnant?

They say it's "butter soft" when you are pregnant...

What do you feel when your one month pregnant?

I am currently 7 months pregnant. I didn't feel anything when I was only one month pregnant. I started to feel nausea in the second month and it lasted for about 5-6 weeks. Your breasts might feel much much more tender than usual at one month pregnant.

How does Jo feel after she is pregnant?


Does pregnant women can feel evening sickness?

yes. pregnant women can feel sick all times of day not just morning.

How do you feel when your 4 weeks pregnant?

Most women do not feel any symptoms of pregnancy until they are 6-8 weeks pregnant.

Why do you feel pregnant?

maybe you are pregnant. If you have ever been pregnant before and you feel the same then you should have a test to see if you are. if you have never been pregnant before then you don't really know what feeling pregnant is like, so it could be imagination and stress from worrying about it.

Can a woman feel pregnant in seven days?

Every pregnancy is different. Some women feel pregnant almost immediately upon conception, and some feel nothing until they're giving birth to the child. It is very possible to feel pregnant seven days into your pregnancy.

You feel nauseous and you just got your period are you pregnant?

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

Can you feel pregnant after 24 hours?

Not likely. It takes about 3 days to get pregnant.

You are 11 and feel pregnant but know IM not?

If you haven't had your first period then no your not pregnant