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Can you Paint rock dash stucco?

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yes you can, just patch any holes with stucco, powerwash any debris off of stucco, after that you should be able to use any good quality paint

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Who sells a stucco called rock dash or pebble dash or slap dash?

"Pebble dash" isn't a type of stucco material, it's a technique for applying the stucco. Immediately after regular stucco is applied to the wall, pebbles or small rocks are thrown against the wall surface so that they stick to the wet stucco finish. Successfully applying the finish requires some skill and practice. Pebble dash stucco was particularly popular in mission/bungalow buildings of the early 20th century.

Can You paint over painted stucco?

When you paint over painted stucco you are putting on a second coat.

What is stucco dash?

"Dash" refers to a rough stucco finish created by throwing or blowing ("dashing") stucco or aggregate on the third (last) coat of concrete plaster to provide an ornamental appearance. In the first part of the 20th century, stucco was dashed with a special brush, but more recently it's shot from a machine, similar in principle to gunite or shotcrete. The roughness of the appearance ranges from "light dash" to "heavy dash" or "tunnel dash". The high spots may be lightly troweled to provide a "knockdown dash" finish.

What are options for Masonry wall coverings?

Paint or Stucco

Remove oil-based paint from stucco?

You don't remove it. You have to paint over it.

Can you use stucco rubber paint on wood fence?

NO, it will not penetrate.

How much does a gallon of paint cost for an exterior stucco wall?

It depends on your location and the quality of paint. A gallon of exterior stucco paint will cost anywhere from $15 to $65. $30 in 2012 should buy a very good quality paint that will give you several years of service.

Can you paint stucco?

Yes you can paint stucco. my uncle is a plasterer by profession and i have seen him work on many jobs. My advice is to first use a primer paint and then paint it the color you want. You can find these at any hardware, paint supply, or do it yourself home improvement store, i.e. Menards, Lowes, Home Depot,etc. i hope this is helpful.

Can you paint over painted stucco without priming it?

If it's the same base , you can.

What did the Aztec build there temple with?

Built of stone and covered with stucco and polychrome paint

How do you paint even line on stucco?

use something soft like a sponge to help

Would a wood house take more paint than a stucco house?

If they are about the same size, yes, because wood is much more absorbent than the mortar of stucco by far.

Can you stucco over existing stucco?

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Are you able to paint or prime a rock wall?

Yes you are able to paint a rock.

Can you stucco over painted stucco?

YES, but first remove any loose or flaking paint then make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt, then you must apply a bonding agent (glue) a.k.a. concrete bonding adhesive, this can be done just like painting with a paint roller. MAKE SURE YOU COVER ENTIRE AREA WITH ADHESIVE BECAUSE IF YOU MISS A SPOT YOUR FRESH COAT OF STUCCO WILL LIKELY CHIP OR FLAKE OFF!

Should you seal stucco?

Stucco does not require a sealant. You may consider doing a sealant if you are doing stucco concrete to protect from the weather.

Is stucco a non-combustible material?

stucco is non-combustible

Is stucco and mortar the same mixture?

is mortar and stucco the same mixture

Stucco Repair?

form_title=Stucco Repair form_header=11893 What do you need to have repaired?*= [] "Leaking water or moisture [] Missing, broken, or rusty flashing [] Stucco is chipped [] Stained or discolored [] Stucco is cracked [] Other"

What type of trowels are used to apply stucco?

What are the names of stucco pattern. Glenn

Synthetic Stucco Repair?

form_title=Synthetic Stucco Repair form_header=11683 What do you need to have repaired?*= [] "Leaking water or moisture [] Missing, broken, or rusty flashing [] Stucco is chipped [] Stained or discolored [] Stucco is cracked [] Other"

How long does it take stucco to dry?

Dry is not the word your looking for here! Cure is appropriate.. Stucco as with all Portland Cement based products depends on water in the mix reacting with the cement. As this reaction takes place the water is absorbed into the cement causing an "Exothermic" event [creating heat] and causing the sand and aggregate to bind together, basically forming artificial rock called concrete. Stucco is a generic name and denotes a fine sand mix texture but it has the same principal. Once cured, a majority of the moisture has been consumed by hydration process and some is lost due to evaporation. Most engineers call for a cure period of 7-15 days to allow for a complete cure. Premature hydration or evaporation will deter a good cure and cause shrinkage cracking. Even after the cure period [to dry out?] stucco will absorb moisture from high humidity or rain. This makes it WET again !! Allowing moisture transfer in and out of stucco is an invitation to a host of problems! If you paint stucco but still have not sealed it, moisture will bring chemistry out to the surface where it will blister and delaminate coatings. Commonly called "Alkali Burn". Waterproofing a stucco ASAP to control the cure, eliminate cracking and be able to paint in 48 hours, is what I suggest.

What type of materials did the Aztecs and Mayas used to create art?

Jade, Obsidian, Stucco, Lime, Rubber, Wood, Gold, Silver, Copper, Paint, Charcoal...

Who was the rock star on the flintstones?

Dash riprock

What are the ratings and certificates for Rock the Paint - 2005?

Rock the Paint - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA (2010) USA:R