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Yes you can tan, tanning has no effect on your tongue piercing.


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josh ramsay was 17 when he got his tongue pierced

This is because of the jewelry resting on the top of the piercing. I got one with my belly button and my tongue. But the one on my belly button is gone now, and the one on my tongue is almost gone. I got my tongue and belly button pierced about two months ago.

you can try to see if you can scrape it off with a tongue scraper

The first movie I thought of was "thirteen". . . Where these two girls got their tongue pierced.

You should probably talk to the person who pierced it, or a professional.

I got mine done for fashion purposes...

yh don't worry about it i got ym tongue pierced about a month ago and the first 10 days i had puss coming out but don't worry because when you get your downsize it stops. k. ________________________________ i got mine done todayy and it didnt hurt. but now it does. but it didnt puss. but ayee. i just got it pierced like 2 or 3 hours agooo. (:

Bill was 13 when he got his eye pierced and tom got his lip pierced also at the age of 13..bill got his tongue ring round about the age of 15

I've had my tonuge pierced for bout 8 weeks .. its normal for your tongue to bleed but if its does go away with in another week or 2 weeks you should have it checked out

I got my tongue pierced over a week ago and my friend got her's a year before me. She drank on the third night after her piercing, and the swelling on her tongue went down. I also did the same, and swelling also went down. Just be careful, cause when you drink beer that early after piercing it, the tongue will tingle from the carbonation. My tongue ring is almost completely healed now.

No. Piercing your belly button wont hurt as compared to piercing your tongue.

Yes, because the alcohol in the beer is like putting a bandaid on it, and will help to relieve the pain!

Sperm should not sting your tongue. There are a few explanations though. If you have just gotten your tongue pierced, it might sting. If you got a cut on your tongue or bit your tongue that could make it sting. Other than that it should not hurt to swallow sperm.

well i got it because i think its cool, now i love it (:

i suggest u call the place were you got it pierced and keep ice on it

Yes! I got mine pierced yesterday for the second time and i have a slight lisp nothing major though, the first time i got my tongue pierced the lisp lasted about 3 days till the swelling went down and my mouth adjusted to having a bar in it..hope this helps :)

if it hurts it could be a slight infection or maybe its just a bit of a irritation from the tongue bar.

im fifteen and i got my nose pierced but that was last year but now im going out with trace Cyrus

I have my Tongue pierced too. I noticed the same cut, Was it self done? I have heard your tongue is the fastest healing part of your body so if you take out the jewelry it should heal right up.

You could, but it will hurt ALOT. I got mine redone a month after i took it out (i took it out the day i got it done originally) so i got it repierced and IT HURT!! (because of the scar tissue)

by experience i did mine wrong and i pierced a vain all that happen was that my tongue got num for a week and there was alot of blood

not sure everyone acts different check this out at your doctor because you should not get pus from your tongue piercing it might mean that your tongue piercing has got infected because i have never got pus from my tongue piercing xoxo

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