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Cricket now offers iPhones. You can get a white or black 16g iPhone 4S for $499, or get a white or black 8g iPhone 4 for $399.

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Yes, Cricket now offers i Phones.

IT's $15 to activate a cricket phone

*228 then call to activate

Only if the iphone is a GSM phone with a SIM card... Otherwise if it is CDMA then no, you have to activate the other iphone.

i need to know how to activate my iphone 3gs for net10 i already got sims card just trying to activate it thats my only how do you activate it?

As of 6/22/12, the iPhone is available contract-free on Cricket Wireless.

no most cricket is on the iPhone

I found a cricket phone it was reported lost can it be activated?

No. Iphone runs on a GMS network while cricket runs on a CDMA network. It's impossible.

yes but not in the normal sense you must buy a Verizon iPhone and have it flashed with cricket software capable on the iPhone im sure a OS will arise soon after the release of Verizon iPhone is released

Settings, General, Network

The AT&T iPhone can not be used on Cricket, However, With the release of the iPhone on Verizon it may soon be possible if the phone geniuses can crack the software like they did on the AT&T version.

Nope they only allow and activate they own cell phones.

Sprint and Cricket are two known companies to have unlimited data usage for the iphone

iTunes is not required to activate the 4 or 4s. Insert SIM and turn on and follow the prompts.

I believe Cricket now sells the iPhone 5. It is a bit expensive though because it is a contract-free carrier.

Considering this question is in the iPhone 3GS category I am going to say no. The iPhone 3GS is only compatible with GSM networks which Cricket is not, so switching would be physically impossible. I believe that switching a CDMA iPhone to Cricket would aslo be contractually impossible as well. Luckily Cricket Wireless does now dispense iPhones, so ask them about it because they probably know maore than I do.

A Cricket Wireless PR representative told me personally that the iPhone 7 will work on the Cricket network, and they will be offering it to customers once it is available. Or, if you have your own unlocked iPhone 7, it should work on the Cricket network.

Yes, activation needs to be made through the internet.

activate the phone first and then sync it with your itunes on your computer

you need a Connection to activate it. in other words, you cant you could try and buy a (cheap) prepaid sim card of the same provider that the iphone does support.

there aren't. but i was told by a representative that you can order online and activate your cricket phone over the phone and use it.

Im not sure but i think you have to jailbreak it

It needs to be Jailbroken then Unlocked. More info on my site.

If you are referring to an iTunes account, they can share. They do not need separate accounts.

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