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You most certainly can feel your cervix while pregnant or otherwise. Seeing it, however, is an entirely different story, and is indicative of prolapse, among other things.

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A woman can feel the cervix anytime. It feels a lot like the end of your nose, except the cervix has one slit as the opening.

A woman cannot see her own cervix, though.

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Q: Can you actually see and feel the cervix in the vaginal opening during the first trimester of pregnancy?
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Is heavy vaginal discharge during the last trimester of pregnancy normal?

If it is the last trimester it could be the mucus plug

Is heavy vaginal discharge during the first trimester?

you can gets loads in pregnancy even at the beginning that is a sign.

Does vaginal discharge decrease during pregnancy?

The opposite increases.

What is the distance of hymen in the vaginal?

The hymen is just within the opening to the vagina. It will either be just on the outside of the vaginal opening at the vestibule, or within the vaginal opening.

Is vaginal discharge a sign of pregnancy?

No you should have it checked out by your doctor vaginal discharge it a way that the vagina cleans itself from your previous period Actually, Vaginal discharge may be a sign of pregnancy. Early signs of pregnancy include this. Vaginal mucous gathers together around the cervix creating the mucous plug, which protects the fetus from infections.

Is the vaginal opening of all women situated in between their vaginal folds?

The vaginal opening is situated to the back of the vaginal folds, between the anus and the urethra. The urethra is the opening for urine to exit the body, it is the small opening in the center of the labial folds.

Do pregnant women vaginal open?

The vagina is like before pregnancy but the cervix, the opening to the uterus, is closed by a mucus plug.

Is b it normal to spot at the begging of pregnancy?

Yes. Spotting is a bloody vaginal discharge or light bleeding down under. Spotting during pregnancy is nothing to be worried about. It is especially common during the first trimester.Congrats!

Vaginal orifice what is it?

The vaginal orifice is the opening of the vagina

What is vaginal orifice?

The vaginal orifice is the opening of the vagina

Does pregnancy make a woman's vaginal fluids watery?

Yes, increase in vaginal moisture is normal in pregnancy.

Can semen just touching the vaginal opening cause pregnancy If so what are the honest chances?

Though a rare chance but you cant ignore it at all.

Can you show me the right area where semen must enter to get pregnancy by picture?

Where it says vaginal opening:

If a guy don't shoot sperm fast can that effect pregnancy?

No. If the sperm gets into the vaginal opening, it can live for three days looking for the egg.

What are pregnancy signs in a cat?

They get fatter, start searching for a secluded place to give birth, enlarged nipples, and then kittens are ejected from the vaginal opening.

What is the medical term for the vaginal opening?

If you are talking about the opening of the vagina to the outside world, the most common term is "vaginal opening." But you may be looking for the term vaginal vestibule, which is just in front of the opening. If you are talking about the opening of the vagina to the cervix, the term would be the external OS of the cervix.

Does mental stress can cause spotting in 2nd trimester of pregnancy?

I am not sure about the stress but I do know it could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage although the first two reasons for bleeding are more common, it is still a good idea to contact your doctor if you are too concerned.

Why do women have 3 holes in their vagina?

We don't actually, the outside is called the Vulva. In it there are 2 openings: the urethra and below that is the vaginal opening. Below that is the anal opening but that is not a part of the Vulva. We urinate through the urethra (just like men) and the vaginal opening is where the menstrual blood, babies, and sex take place. The vaginal canal leads to the uterus. So why we have this is in order to function.

What comes out of the vaginal opening?


How does a hymen look?

The hymen is tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening, it is different for everyone. Typically it will look like a crescent of tissue around the bottom/back of the vaginal opening, but in some people it may cover more of the vaginal opening.

Can certain vaginal odors indicate pregnancy?

No. Excessive vaginal discharge that is similar in appearance to ovulation discharge, can be a indication of pregnancy. A vaginal odour is usually a indication of a thrush infection.

Does Vaginal tightness mean pregnancy?


Is vaginal swelling a symptom of pregnancy?


Does a women have 2 or 3 orafices in her vaginal area?

The vulva (the outside) has 2 holes; the urethra and the vaginal canal. The vaginal canal (the inside) has one opening in the end and that is the cervix, the opening to the uterus.

What do you call the opening for menstrual blood?

The opening through which menstrual flow flows is the vaginal opening. Menstrual flow leaves the uterus via the cervix and then passes through the vaginal canal.

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