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You can add creditors anytime before the discharge is entered.

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Q: Can you add a creditor to bankruptcy after you have filed your papers in court?
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If someone filed bankruptcy back in 1999 and a creditor was not listed were they included in the bankruptcy?

No. And if you knew they were a creditor, you could be subject to fraud charges for having filed papers with the court swearing you were declaring your entire financial status and known creditors.

How is a claim filed as an unsecured creditor to the US bankruptcy court case 07-23686-RG?

"How is a claim filed as an unsecured creditor to the US bankruptcy court case 07-23686-RG?"

How do creditors find out you filed bankruptcy?

Creditor receive a notice from your BK from the BK court.

What does motion for relief relief from stay fee amount 150.00 filed by creditor Iowa law?

When you filed your bankruptcy, the court issued an automatic stay which prevents any creditor from moving forward with collection efforts. For whatever reason, this particular creditor wants to proceed with collection and it must request the permission of the bankruptcy court by filing the motion for relief from automatic stay.

How do you add a creditor to a bankruptcy after you have filed?

Check with your bankruptcy lawyer.

What is a withdrawal of motion for relief of stay?

Motion for Relief of Stay - a motion filed with the Bankruptcy Court from a creditor that asks the court to allow the creditor to proceed with any collections upon property that was put on hold due to bankruptcy Withdrawl of motion for relief - creditor tells the court "never mind" basically on the motion that was filed for a variety of reasons. An example of a reason to withdraw would be that a motion for relief was filed in error because a debt is actually current, not in default.

What happens if a creditor garnishes after filing bankruptcy?

I assume you mean after YOU filed bankruptcy (the creditor's filing bankruptcy doesn't affect your garnishment, except maybe to change who's "garnisheeing"--NOT "garnishing"--your wages). If so, contact your attorney so he/she can bring the creditor into court for violating the automatic stay.

Is it legal for a credit company attorney to be sending relief from stay motion papers directly to the creditor instead of the attorney which represents the creditor that has filed chapter 13?

If a creditor files a motion for relief from stay in any bankruptcy proceeding, the papers should be served on the debtor's attorney of record.

What is a notice of bankruptcy and stay?

When a bankruptcy is filed, an "automatic stay" takes effect, essentially a prohibition against any collection action by a creditor without the court's permission. This occurs even if the creditor has no immediate notice of the filing. Any collection action taken after the filing must be undone by the creditor.If there is a proceeding in a civil court to collect the debt, the appropriate action for the debtor is to notify the court of the filing, giving the name and address of the bankruptcy court, the date of filing and the docket number of the case in the bankruptcy court. This is often called a "suggestion of bankruptcy" or notice of bankruptcy."

Can your ex come after you for a loan that he had to pay since you filed bankruptcy?

If you handled your BK correctly no, as he/she would be a creditor listed and whose debt is dismissed in the bankruptcy by the court too.

How does reaffirming a motorvehicle during bankruptcy work?

You, your lawyer or the creditor's lawyer has to draft a reaffirmation agreement (form usually available at the local bankruptcy court website), get it signed and filed.

What is a stipulation in bankruptcy?

It's basically an agreement between the debtor and creditor on how the debtor is to pay the creditor that arises when debtor has filed bankruptcy.

How do you find if you are listed as a creditor in chapter 7 filling?

You will receive, directly from the bankruptcy court, a notice of filing and information on filing your claim with the court. If you believe a person has filed bankruptcy, and you know the person' s address, you can check with the clerk of the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy court one files in is determined by the county within which the debtor resides.

If a creditor obtains a judgment can bankruptcy still be filed?


Can a creditor file an adversarial claim in bankruptcy court in a personal 7 bankruptcy for something that they contend occurred during a business bankruptcy 2 years previous. No claim was filed then.?

No, a creditor is required to file a claim if seeking payment, otherwise that claim is considered waived. So in this case. if there was no claim, then it was waived and the debt discharged. But even if it was filed, it would have been discharged in the business BK.

How do you find out when you filed chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The date of filing will be listed on your court papers. If you've lost these, contact your attorney for replacement copies.

What happens to the garnishments after you filed bankruptcy?

If they were ordered by the court (i.e.: child support - back taxes - etc) you must still honor them, bankruptcy will not do away with court ordered liens. . Liens placed by private persons or businesses will have to take their place in your long line of creditors. As soon as you file, you take the papers from the bankruptcy court showing that you filed to your employer and the garnishment will stop. There are some exceptions to this.

Is it legal for a creditor to make inquiries even after the account has been discharged from bankruptcy for over a year?

If you are referring to a credit report the answer is NO. If the query is in reference to a creditor attempting to collect a debt that was included in the bankruptcy, the answer is also NO!2If the creditor is listed in the bankruptcy, No. If they continue to pursue it you can contact your attorney request a copy of the matrix filed in your bankruptcy, and either advise them of the page number the creditor is listed on and that it was discharged. Or, you can file a complaint with the federal court in your area and have it investigated.

What happens when the ex spouse files bankruptcy after you divorce?

For any joint debts, the creditor will come after the spouse who has not filed bankruptcy.

If the wrong address was submitted on your Chapter 7 bankruptcy papers do you have any recourse?

File a change of address with the clerk of the court where you originally filed the petition

You are looking for someone who filed for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is filed in federal district court. You may want to start with their files.

How may you find the date of your bankruptcy?

You can find it from the court where you filed your bankruptcy.

Can a creditor contact your landlord after you filed bankruptcy?

Yeah. It's called you being a dumbarsh.

What branch is bankruptcy court?

Bankruptcy Court is filed in Federal District Court, however, exemptions claimed are state regulated.

Where can one file for bankruptcy in Florida?

Bankruptcy can be filed at the Bankruptcy court for the area you are in. For instance in Northern Florida, it's the Florida Northern District Bankruptcy Court.