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Yes. Look in the yellow pages for aftermarket a/c's

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Q: Can you add an AC compressor to a 1989 Chevy k2500?
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How do you add transmission fluid to a 1989 Chevy s-10 blazer?


The AC isn't working in my Chevy Express 3500 passenger van. the compressor isn't coming on at all. could it be a fuse blown an not the compressor?

If the compressor is not coming on at all it could be that you are low of refrigerant and just need to add some more.

Where do you add freon to a 1999 Chevy S-10?

You can add Freon to your 1999 Chevrolet S 10 pickup truck cooling system, through the air conditioning compressor ports. The ports are located on the top of the compressor. You would add r134 refrigerant through the low pressure port located on the accumulator/dryer.

Where can you find the low pressure valve on a 1989 Volvo 240dl so you can add freon?

check the back of the compressor, they hide the there on the older models. volvodoctor

Where is the valve or port to add freon to a 2000 Chevy Silverado truck?

The 2000 Chevrolet Silverado truck has two ports on top of the air conditioner compressor. You will add Freon through the low pressure port.

Where do you hook up the hose to add freon to a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Quick release fitting located on the low pressure side (Larger hose from compressor)

When changing an auto ac compressor if you put oil in the compressor do you just add r134a with no oil?


Where to Add freon to 2003 Lincoln ls?

The low pressure side is located on the compressor. To locate the port, jack up the driver side and crawl underneath to locate the compressor. Add the freon to the port on the compressor.

What does means surge on centrifugal compressor?

Surge is a point when compressor is not add enough energy to overcome system resistance.

How do you add oil to ac compressor?

Remove the compressor and pour it in. If its making noise its probably to late and you will need to replace it.

How to install freeze-12 in 1989 celebrity?

If you add anything other than what the manufacture has no liability for defective. Meaning that if you bought a new or remanufactured compressor and it went bad it would not have a warranty.

Where is the port to add freon on a 96 grand am and you can not find the compressor it is the 3100 engine?

the port to add freon is under the car in front of engine coming off the compressor hard to get to but can be done

How much oil goes in the AC compressor of a 2004 town and country Chrysler?

Its always best to drain the oil from the old compressor and then add that same amount back to the new compressor but to be on the safe side add 4 ounces and prime it on the bench first...

How much refrigerant oil does a 1998 Chevy blazer with a 4.3 take?

Empty, 8 oz. If you're replacing one major part such as a compressor, condenser, evaporator or accumulator, add 3 oz.

Can you add air to air suspension if compressor is bad?

of course you can Are you stuck ? How ?

How do you remove air con compressor in Daewoo Nubira?

Needs to be done by person certified to handle refridgerant properly evacuate system replace compressor vaccuum system and leak check properly add correct type and amound of compressor oil properly add refridgerant

How do you shim starter on 1989 Chevy van with 305 motor?

take off starter add shim directly under the 2 bolts, retorque bolts to spec

How do you add freon to Lexus sc400?

You add freon to the low side fitting,top front,on the ac compressor

Where do you add freon to your 95 Honda Accord air conditioner compressor?

There will be two couplers on the system. The one you add freon to is the larger one on the low pressure line. From your compressor, there are two lines, the low pressure is the larger one. Check it and you will find a coupler between the compressor and the firewall.

How much compressor oil do i put in the compressor GMC pickup?

If you're only replacing the compressor and you did't blow a hose or something, 3-4 ounces should do it. It is recommended to replace the receiver/drier and orifice tube when replacing the compressor. In which case you would add 1-2 ounces more plus the 3-4 ounces for the compressor.

In a 1995 Lincoln mark viii can you add more air in the air compressor?


What side of the compressor should liquid be add when charging?

The low pressure side.

Where is the fitting to add refrigerant on a 2002 Saturn?

The air conditioner compressor has two fittings. You can add refrigerant to the low port fitting. The air conditioner compressor can be found on the right hand side of the engine near the front.

How much oil do you put in the ac compressor when replacing it?

Amount of compressor replacement oilFrom what I've read in other AC Manuals and what I've practiced, with regards to the amount of refrigerant oil to add, is to add the same amount that you drain from the old compressor unit that you removed from your system. This amount, from my experience is about 5 oz, however, it varies from compressor to compressor. The most accurate way to asses this, short of contacting the compressor mfg, is to apply what I said in the first sentence. add 6 ounces for a single ac system and 10 to 12 ounces for a vehicle w/rear air.(like surburbans, vans etc.)

Where do you add oil to a hs18 compressor on a 2001 santa fe before installing it?

in the in port