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Sure you can use liquid chlorine and walk around the pool. You can use granular chlorine directly into the pool. If it doesn't disolve before it gets to the bottom you should brush it around so it won't stain. Never add pucks/tabs directly to the pool OR THE SKIMMER. (BAD FOR THE EQUIPMENT) They will sink to the bottom and stain.

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Would it be better if the chlorine dispenser sat at the bottom of the pool?

It probably would make it worse. Chlorine is heavier than water, so when the dispenser releases chlorine, it would sit at the bottom, rather than drift down.

How do you clean pool without chlorine?

you would have to convert the pool to saltwater there really is no way to clean it without chlorine

Can you have a swimming pool without chlorine and or salt?

You can swim in a pool without chlorine or salt they just keep the pool clean. but if you do it can give you bad skin

Can you use chlorine in a pool without a filter?

Yes you can add liquid chlorine to a pool even if it's not circulating

Can you have a pool without chlorine?

its called a lake

How much water is lost when water is recycled through pump and automatic chlorine dispenser of swimming pool?

None unless you have a leak.

How many 1 inch chlorine tablets do you use in a 8800 gallon pool?

I use 2 in the floating dispenser but this is for a 4,000 gal pool. I'd use 4-5

Can you make your chlorine pool into a saltwater pool without changing any equipment except the salt generator?

Yes A salt water pool is a chlorine pool any way the difference is that the chlorine in a saltwater pool is made from the salt electronically

Instead of using an automatic chlorine tablet dispenser can you use add liquid pool cholorine?

As long as you keep your pH and your chlorine at the proper level it should not matter what technique you use.

Where do you put chlorine tabs in above ground pool?

Chlorine tabs can be put straight into the pool, even if it is above ground. You can also put them in a container in the pool which will help them dissolve more slowly.

When do you use a chlorine float when you also use a solar cover?

You can not use a floating chlorine dispenser and a solar pool cover at the same time. The solar blanket sits on the surface of the water, thus, a floating dispenser would be unable to float freely. It would end up sitting in one spot, unable to circulate in the water. This would result in spot chlorine damage to your solar blanket, and possibly to your pool finish.

What product does Maple Stree Pool Shop sell?

It sells pool cleaners. However, it has many other pool appliances as well. Other appliances may include pool filters. If you're looking to keep your pool clean, check out the automatic chlorine dispenser.

How long after adding chlorine liquid to your pool is it safe to swim?

You can get straight in, there is nothing to wory about.

Can you use salt in a swimming pool without a chlorine generator?

Absolutely! It is very common for customers to want the feel of saltwater without the chlorine generator. ALL CHLORINE POOLS CONTAIN SALT. Chlorine reverts back to salt when used so every pool that has chlorine in it also has salt.

Do you have to drain your swimming pool when converting it from a saltwater pool to a chlorine pool?

No, a saltwater pool is already a chlorine pool. ALL CHLORINE EVENTUALLY BECOMES SALT. Every pool that has ever had chlorine in it has salt in it.

Can you stabilize and condition your pool after adding Clorox?

Check the ph, you may not need to do anything bleach has less chlorine than straight chlorine

What is the difference between a saltwater pool or a chlorine pool?

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that the chlorine is manufactured in the system by the chlorine generator. Otherwise NO DIFFERENCE!!

You continually add chlorine tablets to your pool and still the chlorine is way to low How do you raise it up?

Check if you have any stabilizer in your pool without stabilizes (cyanuric acid) the chlorine use is greatly increased.

How do you maintain a salt water pool without a chlorine generator?

Add chlorine by hand...the old fashioned way.

Is it better to have a salt water pool than a chlorine pool?

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. the difference is that in a salt water pool the chlorine is added automatically by a chlorinated that works electronically and with a chlorine pool you have to put the chlorine in your self. Salt water pool are by far the more pleasant to swim in. Chlorine because it will kill germs

You currently have an above ground pool using a Baquacil not chlorine based system Can you convert this system to salt without problems?

You first have to convert the pool to a chlorine system As a salt water system is a chlorine system.

How do you set a chlorine floating dispenser?

Basically, you just put a few 3" tabs of chlorine in the dispenser and set it in the pool. Sometimes they have adjustments on the bottom which regulate water flow. I usually leave them open for max flow at all times in order to get the maximum amount of chlorine into the water. Also, make certain that you attach it to the ladder or somewhere convenient because it can float and block the skimmers.

Can you pour pool salt directly into pool without a filter converter?

If you are refering to chlorine generated from the salt, the chlorine generator would be required. In my experience, all other components used in the traditional chlorine pool can remain in use. The salt alone will not keep the pool from becoming unsafe to swim in.

Where do you put the chlorine tablet in an Intex pool?

You need to buy a dispenser in the pool section and put the tablet inside. Then place the dispenser into the water.|Home_%20_Garden|B000FZY2ZY&CPNG=sports&ref=tgt_adv_XSN10001

What is free chlorine in a pool?

There are 3 components to the chlorine level in the pool. Total chlorine, Free chlorine, and Combined chlorine. Free chlorine is the chlorine available for sanitation.