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Can you add gratuity to a credit card left by a customer at a bar?

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No, beacuse that is will be using the person's credit card without their permission. That is considered credit card fraud.

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whoever you left your card around. they probably took it.

Most likely your bank. If you have been a valueable customer for many years and never left them no matter how much they charged you on overdraft fees, they will most likely give you a credit card, but be careful. If they do, do not charge things that you want. It is only for emergency purposes.

If you have a credit card linked to your account then it will automatically charge your credit card if you do not have any money left on your balance from gift cards.

You can apply for a Marks and Spencers credit card online at the Marks and Spencers website. Once on the page, click on "Credit Card" in the left navigation menu and click on "Apply Now" to apply for the card online.

If the person left a Will then Probating the Will will pay all debts the person has left behind and what is left in the Estate (is called 'residue) and this is what is left for the Heirs in the Will. If the person dies without a Will whatever they have is sold and debts paid off, but it's not up to next of kin (unless their name is on the credit card application) to pay the debt. Example: If a husband passes away and the husband and wife's name is on the Credit Card (it usually is) then the wife is responsible for the Credit Card debt.

A credit card is when you are loaned money by the card company and are able to use it before hand; after which you have to pay them back. A debit card on the other hand is a card with your money on it and you use it as you wish but once the card has no money left, you have to put more money on it before you can use it again.

You can find information about credit card mileage online at the Credit Cards website. Once on the page, click on "Travel & Airline" in the left navigation menu to bring up the information.

The Chase Credit Card Login page can be found by picking the Login option in the top left of Chase's official website.

Go to apple customer service and type in the code in the bottom left hand corner of the card.

You use up all of your available line of credit and you don't have any money left to borrow.

Click on the coin on the top left corner, pull out your credit card and use it ;)

It charges the amount to your credit card you've entered into iTunes. --- Yes, but I don't have a credit card programmed into itunes and it still let me buy the app. I didn't have any money left on my itunes card, so how could this be? --- You are left with a debt to pay to apple... You will find yourself being unable to update any apps or download free apps until you pay it off!

Yes, the house will probably have to be sold to pay off the credit card debt if there are no other assets. The alternative might be for those that live there and are to inherit to take out a mortgage and buy the house from the estate for the amount of the credit card debt and pay off the credit card bills. This would eliminate the credit card companies placing a lien on the house and allow them to get clear title.

You can sign up for a Dillard's credit card online by going to Dillard's website and clicking the link on the top of the page titled "Dillard's Card". After clicking this link, you need to click the apply for Dillard's card link on the left side. After clicking you will be taken thru the steps to get your card.

A typical credit card has sixteen numbers. The first set of six digits number is the issuer identifier, and the last digit number is called the check digit that is generated to satisfy certain conditions. The set of nine digits number left in the middle is the account number of the credit card.

They can't do anything if you are out of the country where you ot the credit cardI got a Canadian credit card and used the money, left the country, came to India and didnt pay anything.....this has happend before 2 years and i applied for US visa and got it.

That's actually a situational question. Yes you can use a credit card if you have any money left on the card. It is inadvisable however as your credit score will continue to sink lower and lower until you have paid off this card. With a low credit score you can be denied simple things as a cell phone, renting a house, even sometimes getting a job. Pay your bills!

When a debtor owes a debt like a credit card charge, paying the amount on time every month:reduces the principal balancewhich over time also reduces the interest on what is leftand gives the debtor an excellent credit rating (for that bill only)It also gives "room" on the card for you to make another purchase.

No one. The person left is not responsible for the debt. The credit cards want people to think that the family owes for the deceased debt, but they don't.

send an empty msg to 225 but it costs 25 or 30 cents....or call customer help 1300555100 ya gotta have credit for that to though... the scum

The best deals for credit cards include the Citi Simplicity Card, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card and the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express. You can learn more about these deals and apply online from the Credit Cards website. Once on the page, click on "Top Offers" in the navigation menu on the left side of the page.

If by "do anything to you" you mean "make you pay them back", yes. The ownership of your money and the debts you have to pay off don't change simply because you're in a different country.

Log-in to your Paypal account. Click the Profile tab, and select My Money from the list on the left of the screen. Click the Update link to the right of the Debit and credit cards section. This will give you options to add, edit, reomve or link your card.